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Details of User Testing 1

1. Date: 5th to 7th February 2014

2. Download our Test Plan

3. Download our Instructions Set

4. Download our Study Script

5. Record Observations

5. Post-Test survey for participants to complete

Demographics of Participants

1. 12 participants

2. Students from Singapore Management University (IT Background)


Usability of Application

1. Users are able to navigate the application without much help.

2. Words, buttons and instructions in the application are easy clear.

3. Users are able to carry out the tasks without much help.

Features Tested

1. Login

2. Register

3. Create, Read, Update and Delete Product

4. Create, Read, Update and Delete Scenario

5. Create, Read, Update and Delete Marker

6. Create, Read, Update and Delete Lane

7. Consolidation of Markers

8. Analyse Single Scenario

9. Import of Scenario Data

10. Export of Scenario Data

Photos of Participants

OneRevoUT1Photo1.jpg OneRevoUT1Photo2.jpg