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General Feedback on Application

1. Change URL port number (8080) to 80

2. Validation should all do on both sides, client and server side.

3. The details in the URL should be protected. For example, updateproduct?wgt=1800

General Feedback on User Interface

1. For every page, there should be an auto focus on the first textbox.

2. Navigation can be improved.

3. Standardize the button colours.

4. Instructions were not obvious.

5. The pop up boxes should be formatted using Twitter Bootstrap.

Login Page

1. Forget password function should be separated.

Register an Account

1. Should not have the note *passwords should be 8-15 characters* at the top when user register the accounts.

2. Register button should be bigger.

3. Maybe after creation of account can redirect to main page instead of having to login again.

Home Page

1. General

  • The “Welcome, email” for every page is not needed.
  • Success messages are not obvious.

2. Scenario Management Page

  • People tends to select the checkbox at the homepage for functions like delete, export, edit/view.
  • No one could find the plan button to start creating the scenario.
  • Analyse button should be disabled if no checkbox is ticked.

Create Product

1. User tends to click on the create scenario to create product. Hence there should be a create product function at the create scenario form.

Create Scenario

1. Product should be a hyperlink in scenario form. That leads u to create a product or put the product button on the navigation.

2. For product information in the form should be in text form not as form representation.

Map Page User Interface General Issues

1. The white space is rather cluttered with many buttons.

2. The save scenario button is not obvious.

3. Map should have state management.

Create Marker

1. When dropping in the marker, should ask about name and address of marker.

2. Display address on top of marker when the marker is dropped to map.

3. Users want to rename the marker after it is dropped.

4. Users couldn’t really figure out which click allows you to delete a marker or relocate a marker.

Create Lane

1. The air FCL should be 100% or 0% and untouchable so that user can know that it must be 100% or 0%, there is no number except this two.

2. Create lane form values should be default zero or auto generate 0 when detect that there is nothing written on it, so it doesn’t trouble the user to fill in for the other text boxes.

3. User has difficulty in changing the to and from marker when they want to create a lane. For example, when she selects the wrong to marker, she cannot change the marker unless she clicks on the “from” marker again and then the “to” marker.

4. Layout of form is not very nice.

5. Markers should have to and fro to reduce time to create lane.

Edit / Delete Lane

1. Guidance was needed for users to figure out how to edit or delete the lane. People tended to click on the lane itself.

2. The button wording to return to the main page was unclear.

3. Could not remember which markers represented what.

4. Too much buttons to click.

Duplication of Scenario

1. Users do not understand why they were directed to the map when the scenario was duplicated.

Consolidation of Markers

1. What does the backspace does?

2. The cancel button wording was unclear.

Import Scenario Data

1. The note is slightly unclear.

2. The sample button was difficult to find.

3. User does not know that scenario name in the file needs to be different.(It cannot be duplicated).

Export Scenario Data

No feedback!

Analyse Single Scenario

1.Users do not understand what the analysis and graphs are for. There was no value add. What is the value add for it?

2.Some numbers on the y-axis for the first graph are cut off.

3.When users mouse over the first bar chart on the left, the hover over detailed values cannot be fully displayed. It gets cut off.

4.No label for x-axis is displayed.