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Final Deliverables

The table below provides the links to our works and documentation:

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes Iteration 1 - 10 Meeting Minutes for Team, Client and Supervisor
Project Metrics Schedule, Manhour and Bug Metrics
Requirements Customer Requirement Document Requirements for the project
Market Analysis Product Comparison
Analysis Use Case Diagram Use case Diagram
UI Mockups Prototype for Web Application
Design Architecture Diagram Architecture Overview of the application
ER Diagram ER Diagram
Testing User Testing User Testing 1, 2, 3 and 4, Validation Testing's Summary, Response, Major Findings and Changes and Internal Testing
Handover Manuals for Handover User tutorial, Developer manual, Setup manual
Code Transition of Application to Client Server had been done on 8 April 2014.


Design Pattern: Model-View-Controller (MVC) Model.

Reliability and Performance Results:

OneRevo Performance Test Summary.png

Usability: Conducted 3 User Testing and 1 Validation Testing to ensure the usability of the application.


Our Web Application Server is running on Client's server. You may visit EcoPlanning Web Application at:

OneRevo Web Application (Client).PNG


Internal Testing

Our Team uses regression testing to test and check new bugs after integrating existing and new functionalities together. Click here to view our Test Cases.

User Testing

We have conducted 3 User Testing to test the usability of the web application and to see if there are any technical conventions or technical issues.

We have conducted 1 Validation Testing with supply chain managers to see if the functions are useful to them as well as how we can improve our application.

User Testing After Mid-Term

OneRevo UT3.png OneRevo UT4.png OneRevo Validation Testing.png

User Testing Before Mid-Term
OneRevo UT1.png OneRevo UT2.png