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Project Description


The project is an android based mobile application, named HEY!R, which mainly provides message (text, image, audio) broadcasting service. The main feature of this function is that it made use of location networks to broadcast messages to a group of people within the 1000 meters proximity. This function makes the application unique, since currently there is no such location-based broadcasting application.

In the meanwhile, HEY!R also allows users to carry on instant chat on one to one communication instead of using the broadcasting channel, once the both parties have added each other as friends. On the other hand, users can also delete friends. This makes the friendships more personal and make user convenient to keep in touch with friends.

Another feature of the application is about message expiration, which means that the broadcast message will disappear within one minute, no matter if the users have or have not consumed message. The feature enhance a little level of security issues as well as to attract the curiosity of the users to use this application.

Last but not least, this application also provides the basic functions, such as to create account and to CRUD user profile, which makes the application more interactive.

Product Comparison

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Instead of only doing marketing on social network platforms, Hashmeta also would like to enlarge their marketing media on mobile platform and build their own platform so that they could be able to have more control in terms of changing their clients. In future, when the user base is huge enough to attract potential clients/advertisers, they can charge them for publishing advertisement on the application.

In our teams perspective, all of us are very interested in mobile industry and keen to learn the development process of mobile application. In the meanwhile, we can also learn to emerge commercial value at real business perspective from this project (i.e. how to popularize the application).

Targeted Users

  • Users who want to expand their social network but have privacy concerns;
  • Users who want to interact with the nearby, i.e. tourists, new immigration to get related information.


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Application Tool
Server Tool
Management Tool


The Android mobile application will be deployed to Google Play.

The Web Admin will be deployed to Sponsor's server.

Our Sponsor

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Hashmeta Pte. Ltd is a social media marketing company who specialized in helping business entities to optimize their marketing strategies via various social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please visit the company website at: [Hashmeta.com]

Business Value

In modern society, everyone has a large social network through various social network software(SNS). With these SNS, everyone tries to expand their social network but forgets to pay attention to the people around them. It is very common that modern people don't know their neighbors because of various reasons.

In order to solve this problem, HashMeta comes up with the idea to build this platform allowing people to interact with the nearby. This application has two main features: Location Based Message Broadcasting and Message Expiration. It is inevitable that the location information of users will be disclosed and available for others to keep track of. With the expiration of messages, other users will not be able to track particular user, thus improving the privacy level.

With this application, HashMeta will be able to attract large group of users for future business.

Location Based Broadcasting Location Based Service in our application provides a channel for users to interact with the nearby. Using this service, users could share interesting experience, discuss interesting topics with the nearby or ask for help from the nearby. As such, on a large scale, it will help to build up relations among neighborhoods.

Kindly visits our User Requirements Survey for Location-Based Communication Mobile Application and the survey results below: