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We define ownage.

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Priority Circle

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Expansion in Scope

After acceptance, we have decided to expand our scope to include more features on both front-end and back-end. These new items are slotted into the subsequent iterations to ensure that all items would be completed on time without compromising the other work items planned previously. A summary of the addition of the new work items are as follows:

Invenio newfunctionlist.png

New Work Items for Iterations

The new work items after the scope expansion are added into the following iterations:

Invenio timeline12.png

Inclusion of User Test 2

After User Test 1 was successfully completed on 24 January, 2014, the client and sponsors have requested for another User Test before our Midterm presentation. To accommodate this change, we have schedule User Test 2 on 7 February 2014. Details could be found in the "Usability Test" page on the wiki page here: [Usability Test 2]


Dropping of Function

After much discussion with our client in our regular stakeholder meeting, Team Invenio would be dropping the "Offline Protocol" function from our scope. This means that our team would no longer be dedicating resources in creating a "Local Only" version of our Android application. Instead, our sponsor (SIMTech) would be taking over the this function so as to allow a smoother transition flow for the handing over process. Our team would be directing our efforts to the remaining functions.