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We define ownage.

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Project Overview

Project Overview v2.png

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Project Justifications

A Smartphone-based System

The prevalence of smartphone use has changed the way we live in many ways. Many of our daily problems could be solved by smartphone applications. We are already using our smartphones for shopping, dining and even payment services. With that in mind, our sponsors and client have collaborated with our team to design a smartphone-based asset management system, which we believe would be more intuitive for the users who are used to operating their handheld devices in their daily activities.

Android Platform

Android has a dominant market share in terms of the operating systems of smartphones in the market today.
Based on statistics from IDC, we are able to identify the following market segmentation information:

Marketshare.png Shipmentvolumes.png

It is clear that Android is the dominant mobile operating system in the market, and the growth seems to continue year after year. This is very promising for our project because we would be leveraging on a dominant platform that still continue to have a lot of growth potential.

Near Field Communication (NFC)


NFC is an emerging technology and a set of standards for portable devices. It allows the establishment of peer-to-peer radio communications, and the transfer of data between devices. It has been used in applications such as Google Wallet and other forms of contactless payments. The following infographic illustrates the emerging trend of NFC-enabled devices in the market today:
NFC infographic.jpg
Source: http://www.enstream.com/images/NFC_infographic.jpg

Our team would be utilizing NFC technology to revolutionize the Asset Management process. NFC allows us to achieve a myriad of benefits which would allow us to change the way asset management is performed traditionally. These benefits include ease of use and versatility.

From the perspective of the user, NFC simplifies the asset management process to a large extent. Interaction with the asset management application could be summed up in one word "tap". Tap to read asset information. Tap to register an asset. Tap to loan an asset. Tap to audit an asset. The ability to simplify complex interactions is a useful characteristic of NFC technology. It simplifies the customer experience for the traditionally more tedious asset management process.

One of the most important aspects of NFC is its versatility. The use of NFC for asset management is a fairly new concept. Its huge potential for widespread adoption and the use of Google's open source Android platform allows easy modifications and updates for our asset management application. This makes the features of our project expandable for future use and makes it ever more promising in the asset management sphere.

Use of NFC Tags

We have chosen to adopt the use of NFC tags because of the numerous benefits brought about by the technology.
The benefits of NFC tags vs other alternatives are highlighted as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.54.49 AM.png

In the grand scheme of things, NFC tags are more durable by nature and its ability to be reused over and again is a quality that is highly desired by many companies today. In the long run, the use of NFC tags for asset management brings about numerous benefits and cost savings that would be of importance to many companies.