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  1. We will be looking at how to align SingPath.com with the incentives already in place for Singapore-based students to get better at programming.
  2. To support this, we will extend SingPath to provide a new views and experiences customized for students in Singapore.
  3. The features implemented will encourage Singapore students to play SingPath and provide some information about their school attendance so that SingPath can deliver a customized experience to Singapore students.
  4. Once we have information related to schools, we should be able to create a lot of interesting views and determine what type of Singapore school coverage SingPath has. Then an easy metric to pursue is to increase that school coverage over the term and the penetration percentage in each school.
  5. To encourage more students and faculty to share and promote SingPath.com ,we will be developing new features such as Mastery-based Coaching and Purpose-driven Development.