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Schedule Metrics

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  • The Schedule Metrics(SM) is used to keep track on the progress of the team.
  • The result will be compiled and evaluated by the PM at the end of each iteration.
  • The table below states the action plan when the metric is within the range of scores

Schedule Metrics (SM) = Actual time/Estimated time

Score Description Action
SM < 0.7

Team is way behind schedule

Very behind schedule. PM to conduct review to determine the cause of delay and to reschedule project. Consider dropping functionalities.


Team is behind schedule

Behind schedule. PM to conduct review to determine the cause of delay. Bring delayed tasks into the next iteration and to reschedule project. Can choose to overload more tasks in the next iteration or push into buffer time


Team is on track

Currently on track. Keep up with the progress.


Team is ahead of schedule

Ahead of schedule. Review schedule and decide whether it is possible to bring forward tasks from next iteration to current iteration

SM > 1.3

Team is way ahead of schedule

Very ahead of schedule. Bring forward tasks from next iteration to current iteration. Reschedule remaining iterations.


Bug Metrics

Genshyft Mid-Term Bug.png

The following formula is used by the team to calculate Bug Metrics:
1 x num (low) + 5 x num (high) + 10 x num (critical)

Severity Description
Low Impact (1 points)

Typo error or small user interface alignment issues

High Impact (5 points)

The application runs. However, some non-critical functionalities are not working

Critical Impact(10 points)

The application is down or is un-usable after a short period of time. The team must stop development and fix the bugs immediately

Mitigation Plan

Points in Iteration Action
Points < 10

Use the planned debugging time in the iteration

Points >= 10

Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately
Project Manager reschedules the project