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Home Page

This is what the new home page will look like after all the features have been included.

  1. Genshyft is480 homepage.JPG

Customised Experience for Singapore Students

Version 1 : Map - Feature

Singapore users (Student) will have the option to view the Singapore - Map. The map captures players that are students from Singapore. Upon clicking the type of school, the map will display markers for every school of that type. E.g , if Polytechnic is selected, there will be 5 Markers in total. Clicking the markers will reveal more information about players from that school.

  1. Genshyft is480 mapUI 1.JPG
  2. Genshyft is480 mapUI 2.JPG
  3. Genshyft is480 mapUI 3.JPG
  4. Genshyft is480 mapUI 4.JPG

Version 1: Registration page

Singpath can only be logged in through Facebook or Gmail. Therefore, there is no prior data required for user to insert their school details. It is not advisable to auto-direct users to the school registration page because the clients want it to be voluntary. Also, there are players that are neither students nor Singaporeans. Hence, a seperate page is created to capture school details.

  1. Genshyft is480. lSchoolRegistration1.png
  2. Genshyft is480. lSchoolRegistration2.png

Mastery Based Coaching

Landing Page

In this feature, the user would be able to redo questions that were poorly attempted according to the language they have selected and be encouraged along the way with their selected coach.

  1. Landing page.jpg

Play Page

User will be brought to the play page (as shown below). The coach will be displayed at the side and the user would be able to listen to the coach's encouragement.

  1. Next page.jpg

Purpose-Driven Video

Landing Page

Users click this feature to view videos that they have unlocked after they have completed certain levels in their practice.

  1. Landing page purposedriv.jpg

Playing Selected Video Page

User would be able to play the selected video and complete a survey regarding the video like how useful they found the video and such.

  1. Playing video page purposedriv.jpg

Easy Web Prototype

Landing Page

  1. Easywebprototype landingpage.jpg

Create Prototype Page

  1. Easywebprototype activepage.jpg

Web Development Games

Landing Page

  1. Webdevgames landingpage.jpg


Landing Page (With Group Tournaments)

Player will be brought to this page when they click the Tournament feature. It will display the tournaments that are available or yet to be opened.

  1. Landingpage tournament.jpg

Create Group Tournament

Player wants to create a group tournament

  1. Createtournament group.jpg

Player wants to create an individual tournament

  1. Createtournament individual.jpg

Player selects and add questions for the tournament

  1. Createtournament selectqns.jpg
  2. Createtournament addqns.jpg

Manage Tournament

User can see the rounds they have created and the status of the tournaments

  1. Managetournament mainpage.jpg

This is the page the user is brought to when he/she wants to edit the group tournament.

  1. Managetournament group.png

If there are no players, the tournament will not be activated.

  1. Managetournament unactivated.jpg

To edit the rounds, the user is brought to this page.

  1. Managetournament editrounds.jpg

To further edit the details of each round, the user is brought to this page.

  1. Managetournament editrounds details.jpg

Group Tournament Page (Player's View)

  1. Grptournpage tojoin.jpg
  2. Grptournpage joinedagroup.jpg

Live Ranking

Rankingpage tournament.jpg

Automatic Mentor Assignment

This is how the mentor's page will look like. They will be assigned to a person who needs help

  1. Automaticassignment mentor.jpg

This is the mentee's page. Once the mentor has arrived, the mentee should click the 'Arrived' button to acknowledge that the mentor has reached their station. Automaticassignment mentee.jpg


  1. Genshyft events createvent.jpg
  2. Genshyft events sponsorship.jpg
  3. Genshyft events donation.jpg