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Location Testing

Location:Concourse Slope

Excelente Location 1.jpg Excelente Location 13.jpg Excelente Location 14.jpg

Location:Outside STA Travel

Excelente Location 2.jpg Excelente Location 15.jpg Excelente Location 16.jpg

Location:Outside Watsons

Excelente Location 3.jpg Excelente Location 17.jpg Excelente Location 18.jpg

Excelente Location 4.jpg Excelente Location 5.jpg Excelente Location 6.jpg
Excelente Location 7.jpg Excelente Location 8.jpg Excelente Location 9.jpg
Excelente Location 10.jpg Excelente Location 11.jpg Excelente Location 12.jpg

Proof of Deployment

Event: Why women fail?

Excelente POD 23.JPG Excelente POD 58.png Excelente POD 24.JPG
Excelente POD 22.JPG Excelente POD 1.JPG Excelente POD 2.JPG

Team members explaining the application to participants

Excelente POD 25.JPG Excelente POD 30.JPG Excelente POD 32.JPG
Excelente POD 35.JPG Excelente POD 36.JPG Excelente POD 38.JPG
Excelente POD 49.JPG Excelente POD 50.JPG Excelente POD 51.JPG

Successful Completion of Proof of Deployment

Excelente POD 59.JPG Excelente POD 61.JPG Excelente POD 62.JPG

Summary of Proof of Deployment

Total number of participants: 77
Total evance users: 10 (13%)

User Test

Evan Purple.png Evan Purple.png Evan Purple.png

Heuristic Evaluation

Web Application Before & After -Error Notification Message

Before After
Excelente error message.png Excelente error notification.JPG

Web Application Before & After -White spaces at the side

Before After
Excelente side free space.png Excelente side space maximised & color coding.jpg

Mobile Application Before & After -Clutter event list

Before After
Excelente cluttered event list.png Excelente list of events less cluttered.png

Mobile Application Before & After -RSVP Notification

Before After
Excelente notification not prominent.png Excelente Registered notification.png

Mobile Application Before & After -list to button

Before After
Excelente long list of functions.png Excelente function name changed to buttons.png