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Lo-Fi Prototypes

Web Application

Excelente 1. Log in Page.JPG Excelente 2. Home Page.JPG Excelente 3. Create Events.JPG
Excelente 4. Recent Events.JPG Excelente 5.1. Upload document - web application.JPG Excelente 5.2. Uploaded document - web application.JPG
Excelente 7. Past Events.JPG

Mobile Application

Excelente 1. Home page - mobile application.JPG Excelente 2. Mobile Create account.JPG Excelente 3. Log in - mobile application.JPG
Excelente 4. Evance Main page.JPG Excelente 5. Event page.JPG Excelente 6. list of tabs for mobile application.JPG
Excelente 7. Shake to register.JPG Excelente 8.1. Shake to talk.JPG Excelente 8.2. Shake to talk result.JPG
Excelente 9.1 Shake to network.JPG Excelente 9.2. Shake to network-pick contact.JPG Excelente 9.3 Shake to network - add contact.JPG
Excelente 9.4. Shake to network - success.JPG Excelente 10.1. download document view - mobile application.JPG Excelente 10.2 downloaded document view - mobile application.JPG
Hi-Fi Prototypes

Sign up Page

Excelente signup.JPG

Main Page

Excelente main.JPG

Create Event View 1

Excelente create.JPG

Create Event View 2

Excelente create2.JPG

Create Schedule

Excelente schedule.JPG

Feedback Form

Excelente feedback.JPG

Floor Plan

Excelente floorplan.JPG

Upload Documents

Excelente docupload.JPG

Lucky Draw

Excelente lucky.JPG

Basic Analytics

Excelente basicanalytics.png

Advance Analytics

Excelente advanceanalytics.png