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Project Description

Put EVents, ANalytics and experienCE together – Evance (pronounced Events) is an innovative web and mobile solution that provides event organisers the flexibility and easy access to big data from the events they organise. While unlocking boundless possibilities in an affordable way, organisers can leverage on the application to boost for participants each event experience.

Current solutions are either labour intensive and/or cost ineffective, hindering organisers’ access to valuable information that would otherwise provide new ways of evaluating event success.

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As an Organizer As an Participant
  • Print event materials
  • Reprint should there be last minute changes
  • Manual packing process
  • Hands filled: Unable to exchange name cards effectively
  • Unable to receive a copy of presenter slides & documents

  • Event Registration

    Excelente Reg1.png Excelente Reg2.png Excelente Reg3.png

    As an Organizer As an Participant
  • Verifying attendees list against sign-up sheet is manual and labour intensive
  • Unpleasant and long waiting time

  • During Event

    Excelente Dur1.png Excelente Dur2.png Excelente Dur3.png

    As an Organizer As an Participant
  • Collecting Feedback is tedious
  • Difficult to conduct live polls
  • Difficult to distribute event materials
  • Hands filled: Unable to exchange name cards effectively
  • Unable to receive a copy of presenter slides & documents

  • Post Event

    Excelente Pos1.png Excelente Pos2.png Excelente Pos3.png

    As an Organizer As an Participant
  • Data entry to collate feedback results
  • Manual analysis to evaluate event success and account to stakeholders
  • Difficult to keep track of physical copies of name cards
  • Difficult to find friends on social media sites

  • Solutions


    a. The application will enable participants to “Shake to Register” instead of queuing up at the registration counter. Organisers can then reduce bottlenecks and costly manpower at registration counters. At close proximity to event venues, participants who have indicated their interest prior to the event will simply have to give their mobile devices a shake to signify their attendance. b. The application encompasses a document sharing and notification function where organisers can upload & update event materials in digital format for the participants’ viewing. This will minimise the need to print and reprint event materials in hard copy and ensure participants will always have access to the updated information as situation changes during event.


    a. Organiser will be able to gather data that was never capture before like the number of networks and name cards exchanged, the patterns on how participants network with the Advanced Analytics to help them measure previously immeasurable data. b. The application will provide a survey/poll platform for participants to provide real time feedback to unlock certain digital incentives. Organisers will then be able to use the automatically generated results to have a clearer view of what went well and what needs to be improved in each event without the need of printing manual form and massive data entry.


    a. The application will be able to generate conversation topics ranging from current affairs to fun facts which participants can use to start the ball rolling. This function can be initiated with a “Shake” and ease awareness and enhance interaction among participants. b. To reduce the need to carry around name cards or to remember where they were placed after leaving the event venue, the application allows for a digital name card exchange, whereby two or more participants can indicate their interest by shaking their mobile devices simultaneously. Contact information of the other parties will then be automatically stored in the Address Books of each device and connections can be established on online social platform concurrently.

    Project Scope