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Excelente, as the name suggests, is about achieving excellence in more than just conventional ways. We are developing an inventive solution for event organisers and participants to experience each event to the fullest!

Leveraging on the latest technologies, Excelente will continue to integrate existing resources with upcoming trends on both the web and mobile platforms (i.e. Android and iOS).

Team Roles & Responsibilities

Project Manage (Noelle Tan)

Excelente Noelle.png
  • Oversee the entire project
  • Main point of contact between supervisor, mentor and team members
  • Ensure project deliverables and scope are being met
  • Review and track project schedule and metrics to monitor team’s effectiveness
  • Works closely with team to maintain high functioning status
  • Business Developer (Victor Lee)

    Excelente Victor.png
  • Explore novel business opportunities and ideas to develop the project in the long run
  • Assist Project Manager in developing project strategy
  • Assist Business Analyst in gathering user requirements and monitor quantitative and qualitative user responses from requirements gathering
  • Design business model for future use
  • Manage any form of finances which may be required in the course of the Project
  • Web Developer (Ya Qing)

    Excelent BYQ.png
  • Develop back-end architecture for Web Application
  • Develop front-end Evance Web Application
  • Lead research to determine most appropriate technologies for web implementations
  • Work closely with Mobile Developer to synchronize user interface and information flow with Mobile Application
  • Mobile Developer (Kiran)

    Excelente SKJ.png
  • Develop back-end architecture for Mobile Application
  • Develop front-end Evance Mobile Application on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Lead research to determine most appropriate technologies for mobile implementations
  • Work closely with Business Developer and Usability Analyst to ensure optimum user experience on users’ mobile devices
  • Work closely with Web Developer to synchronize user interface and information flow with Web Application
  • Business Analyst (Guo Hao)

    Excelente TGH.png
  • Analyse project requirements from survey respondents
  • Assess project requirements and team progress to improve and streamline processes
  • Manage Wiki Page and work with Usability Analyst to align project documentation with system requirements
  • Work with Project Manager to ensure uploaded information is accurate and up to date
  • Work closely with Business Developer to create an intuitive business model
  • Usability Analyst (Wen Guang)

    Excelente LWG.png
  • Develop team’s testing strategy
  • Design front-end GUI
  • Follow through execution of UATs in respective iterations
  • Work closely with Business Analyst to ensure optimum understandability for Project documentations (i.e. Wiki Page, Diagrams, Requirements)
  • Ensure development team optimizes user experience of Web and Mobile Application