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Travel Patterns Analytic System
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Zircon is developing an interactive web-application for iCity which serves as an analytic tool to visualize and analyze spatial-temporal patterns and trends of bus commuters by utilizing EZ-link data.

Check out TPAS here! (Make sure that you are connected to SMU WLAN)

ZirconThunder.jpg End of Iteration!

20th Jun: Proposal Submission
27th Jul: Initial Deployment
14th Aug: User Testing 1
19th Aug: Acceptance Presentation
2nd Sep: First Update
25th Sep: User Testing 2
29th Sep: Second Update
4th Oct: Mid-Term Presentation
11th Oct: User Testing 3
12th Nov: Poster Submission
15th Nov: User Testing 4
23rd Nov: Final Update
27th Nov: Final Presentation
6th Dec: Poster Day

ZirconExclamation.jpg Check out our Final Wiki !

ZirconExclamation.jpg Check out our Mid Term Wiki !