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Mid-Term Slide

FYP Marvel-lous Mid-Term Presentation

Project Summary


Total number of Iterations: 9

Number of completed Iterations: 7


Milestones completed:

1. Proposal

2. Acceptance

3. User Test 1

Milestones in progress:

1. Mid-Term

Milestones (future):

1. User Test 2

2. User Test 3

3. Poster

4. Finals

5. Transfer of project to client


Total number of functions: 51

Number of completed functions: 33

Number of in progress functions: 3

Number of not started functions: 15

Percentage of project completed: 67%



Total number of deployments: 3

Type of deployment: Private (Based on client's request)

Project Highlights

Marvel-Lous Midterm ChangeInScope.png

Project Schedule


Marvel-Lous Timeline v9.png

Schedule Breakdown

Note: To view our Schedule, please click here.

Planned vs Actual

Note: This section only displays breakdown for delayed iterations. To view our Schedule Metric breakdown, please click here.

Marvel-Lous PlannedVsActual i7.png

Project Metrics

Schedule Metric

Mid-Term ScheduleMetricCalculations.png

Mid-Term ScheduleMetricBreakdown.png

Mid-Term ScheduleMetricExplanation v2.png

Bug Metric

Mid-Term BugMetricCalculations.png

Mid-Term BugMetricBreakdown.png

Mid-Term BugMetricExplanation.png

Project Risks

Risk Metric

Mid-Term RiskMetric.png

Risk Management

Mid-Term Risks.png

Technical Complexity

Google Endpoints

The team has diffculties at 2 stages with Google End Points:

1. Connection from data store to the application

2. Connection from the application to data store.

Quality of Product

Maintainability and Robustness

Mid-Term Quality.png

User Test 1

Mid-Term UT1DetailsPart1.png

Mid-Term UT1DetailsPart2.png

Mid-Term UT1ResultsPart1.png

Mid-Term UT1ResultsPart3.png

Mid-Term UT1ResultsPart3.png

Mid-Term UT1ResultsPart4.png

Intermediate Delivery

Stage Document Description
Project Management Meeting Minutes Iteration 1 to 7 - Internal, Supervisor & Client Meetings
Project Metrics Schedule and Bug Metric
Requirement Gathering Market Research Survey results and Research
Analysis and Design Diagrams Use case diagram, ER diagram and Architecture Diagram
Storyboard Website Website wire frames and screenshots
Application Application wire frames and screenshots
Testing User Testing User Testing 1
Submissions Proposal Proposal
Acceptance Acceptance presentation
Mid-Term Mid-Term presentation

Learning Outcome