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Informal Testing Deployment Exercise UT 1 UT 2 External UT UAT Software Testing


  • To test the usability of the application
  • Consult on our application
    • How similar or different is our application as compared to a real Branch Teller Application

  • Date Conducted: 7 Nov 2013


  • A Branch Teller Manager


  • User will be given a set of scenario to follow while conducting the test.
  • Observation is made by our team members


  1. Create Customer and Update Customer Details
  2. Create and Update Deposit Account
  3. Create and Update Loan Account
  4. Deposit & Withdrawal
  5. Bill Payment
  6. Overview and create Ibanking Account
  7. Customer View (by NRIC and Customer ID)
  8. Transactions (Partial & Full Loans)
  9. View Transaction History
  10. Direct Debit Authorisation
  11. Update Customer Details


Observations & Feedback

  • User put family name in the "Given Name" field

  • Customer may use different terms as the Branch Teller
  • We can have an explanation for some fields
  • Never consider different currencies and rate
  • Really easy interface and simple