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Informal Testing Deployment Exercise UT 1 UT 2 External UT UAT Software Testing


  • The usability of the application
  • Measure the time required for each test cases
  • To see the learning curve of our application

  • Date Conducted: 8 Nov 2013


  • All users are first time users
  • 30 students from SMU
  • From various faculty ie. SIS, SOL, SOA, SOB


  • Students will be given a set of scenario to follow while conducting the test.
  • 1 team member to 1 User for Observation
  • Students are timed for each individual task
    • Starting from the point they read finish the instruction to the point they complete the task


  1. Create Customer and Update Customer Details
  2. Create and Update Deposit Account
  3. Create and Update Loan Account
  4. Deposit & Withdrawal
  5. Bill Payment
  6. Overview and create Ibanking Account
  7. Customer View (by NRIC and Customer ID)
  8. Transactions (Partial & Full Loans)
  9. View Transaction History
  10. Direct Debit Authorisation
  11. Update Customer Details
  12. Credit Approval


KP UT2 Image.PNG


Time Result

We have collated all the timings from our users.

KP UT2 Time Result.PNG


  • Some user may take a longer time to search for some button
  • Users are unsure of some terms
  • Cannot find settlement account
  • Checkbox for make default account does not work as after when updating and viewing account this field was not reflected
  • Confuse between Loan Amount and Asset Value


Feedbacks - Quantitative

Feedbacks - Qualitative

  • What do you think about the layout and design out the application?
    • Intuitive and straight forward. When filling up the form, I do not have to use the mouse to complete the form
    • GOOD! Simple, user-friendly and responsive design
    • The layout is clean and easy to navigate
    • Nice and clear visual of the information displayed
    • Looks good. Colors are soothing to the eyes, and fonts are appropriate for such applications

  • What did you like about our application?
    • The notification pop-up is useful
    • User friendly and only has the relevant tabs for quick accessibility
    • Clean layout & good color segregation, all hyperlinks/buttons can be found in the same page, website is fast,
    • Some fields were blocked and color-coded using grey color which saves time as we only need to check & fill in the "opened" fields, able to find and view everything at one glance
    • Straight forward and minimal number of clicks needed

  • What did you dislike about our application?
    • Too many fields, some fields don't have explanations
    • Some minor display of the design on the forms like the "i" is displayed as "l"
    • Lack of icons/image to help with navigation
    • Could not understand some fields, some parts were unclear
    • Small font size, clustered form and color of the menu

  • What are some suggestions and improvement you have for our application?
    • I like it a lot! all is good :)
    • Perhaps the success message that pops up could have a more striking colour
    • Could have include some graphics as I feel that sometimes I am seeing too much words on the screen. Maybe can also add more colors? :)
    • Header can be more obvious, some of the buttons could be labelled a little more clearly e.g. repay loan - partial or (partial) instead,
    • "Tip" box could be at the bottom of the page instead
    • It will be good if a help button is provided on different pages.


KP UT2 Change.PNG