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Scheduling Metrics

The main objective of our scheduling metrics is to keep track of our project process closely. The schedule metric is measured at the end of each iteration and the project manager will proceed to discuss with the team members on the actions which is needed and to manage the project schedule.

Schedule Metric

The objective of the Schedule Metric is to measure Degree of Accuracy in Forecasting Hours for Project Tasks
Schedule Metric Calculation = Actual Hours / Planned Hours

KP ScheduleMetric Plan.PNG
KP ScheduleMetric a.PNG
KP ScheduleMetric b.PNG
KP ScheduleMetric Inv.PNG
KP ScheduleMetric Team.PNG

Hours Per Week Metric

Our Hours Per Week Metric measures Amount of Workload on Individual Team Members
Hours Per Week Metric Calculation = Hours / Weeks in Iteration
Calculate Metrics for Old, New & Actual

KP HPW graphNew.PNG

Hours Deferred Metric

The objective of this metric is to measure number of hours planned for tasks that were incomplete and moved to another iteration due to project changes.
Together with Schedule Metric determines health of project.
Hours Deferred Metric Calculation = No. of Hours Deferred

KP HrDeferred Plan.PNG
KP HrDeferred Result.PNG
KP HrDeferred Graph.PNG

Bug Metric

The Bug Metric is to help us keep track of the current bugs we have for each week. The bug metric is measured every Saturday of the week. This is because, we set aside Sunday as a buffer day for us to solve the bugs when our bug metrics exceed 10 points. This measurement helps us to ensure that we resolve our current bugs soon before we move on with our development.

Bug Metric for FYP Week 30: 0 KP-GoodBugMetric.PNG



KP BugCalculation.PNG

KP BugMetric-a.PNG

KP BugMetric-b.PNG

KP BugMetric-c.PNG

Happiness Metric

Happiness is an important factor as it motivates the team to work harder for our FYP project. There are time some may affected by external factors but we hope that everyone in our team always keep their smile. This metric is to measure how happy is the team in average and we measure it weekly during our team’s weekly meeting.

The scale is shown below. Every member will choose the facial which represent their feeling. According to the score from each member, we will calculate using the formula as shown below.


KP Happy Metric New.PNG