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Project Description

Our project, tBank Marketing Managment System, is a backend web application in SMU tBank that helps marketing team manage promotions, related business rules and customer demographic analysis, and allows customer to get their favorite promotions. Integrated with ESB and embedded in core banking system, we will build web services that are reusable for tBank teams to manage stuff conveniently.
The advantages of our marketing system in the bank industry are, namely, lower management cost, greater control over campaigns, faster customer conversions, easier product tracking, and more accurate marketing.
Our project improve user experience for other clients and marketing team in online banking and set an academic model for the industry. Also our project will help labs and other banking-related courses for hands-on experience in SMU.
The application will be deployed on Tomcat Apache.

SMU tBank

(Brief introduction to SMU Teaching Bank (SMU tBank).)

Creagend is developing 4 components of the SMU tBank system:
1. A Marketing Management System used by marketing department personnel of the bank, with its independent interface and database.
2. Marketing services exposed to the Enterprise Service Bus (EBS) and used by other applications.
3. Content services provided via SharePoint and exposed to the EBS and used by other applications.
4. Designing the business logic of the Next Best Offer service and implementing the service.
SMU tBank Architecture

For reference to the other parts of SMU tBank development:
Branch Teller Web Application by Kungfu Panda.
Retail Internet Banking & Mobile Banking Application by Bankrevels.
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Application by ironMEN.

Stake Holders

Brief description of all stake holders.

Target User

Brief description of the target users of our project.


Brief description of our deliverables.