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Project Deliverable

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Area Details
Development Environment
  • Our application has been deployed on SAP Hana cloud
  • Database deployed on SAP Hana cloud (In-memory)

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User Testing 2


The main objectives of this user test are:

  • To verify that our SIS web application has the capability to switch ontologies between different industries.
  • To test the functionalities of the web application in the deployed environment
  • To verify the quality of our application as compared to UT 1

UT 2’s hypothesis

  • Our application is easy to use.
    • On average, each user can able to complete each section of the RFP process within the allocated time frame
  • The UX of SIS is satisfactory to IMC.
    • The average usability ratings of UT2 will be higher than what that of UT1.



  • Participants : 5 IMC staff (IMC Singapore and Germany users)
  • Venue : IMC Singapore
  • Date : 12th Nov 2013
  • Duration : 30 mins (Online call)

UT 2

  • Participants: 2 IMC staff
  • Venue : IMC Singapore
  • Date: 13th Nov 2013
  • Duration : 3 hours (Each user takes 1 hour to complete)


  • The web application was deployed in SAP HANA and was tested using test user's desktop. Each user was given the UT instruction sheet to fill up their feedback.

Data Collection

  • Collection of qualitative metrics
    • We observe how the users interact with our web application
    • At the end of UT, users complete the post-test survey with their feedback

Features Tested

No. Feature Name Features Description
1 Login Allow the user to login to our system
2 Take in Requirements from RFP Allow the user to input requirements to the system, and for the system to ask the right questions
3 Recommend Options The system will rank and recommend the top 3 qualified options
4 Modify Recommended Options Allows the user to configure product option to better align to requirements
5 Review and Edit Proposal The system will display the proposal in an editable state
6 Download PDF Allows the user to download proposal in PDF
User Test 2 Results


UT observation picture.png


UT feedback picture.png

Comparison Between User Testing 1 and User Testing 2


  • Based on the UT 2 results, it shows that our SIS web application is getting better in terms of its process flow and UI design.
  • Functions-wise the application is a new attempt in solving complex guided selling business problem using the use of ontology concepts and IMC reasoning platform
  • Technology-wise, there are components such as SAPUI5, HANA Cloud, SPRING, OWL and IMC reasoning platform that make this application not only technically complex but also academically an interesting project to learn and acquire solid enterprise level application development experience.

Most improvement features

User Testing 1 vs User Testing 2

User Testing 1 :: Old CSS Theme SAPUI5 v1.141 User Testing 2 :: New CSS Theme SAPUI5 v1.143
ThemeBefore.png ThemeAfter.png
User Testing 1 :: Create New Proposal [Professionally aligned Fields & Date Validation] User Testing 2 :: Create New Proposal [ Quick Creation of Proposal & View]
1aftUT.png 1afterUT2.png
User Testing 1 :: Gathering Requirement [ Busy Indicator ] User Testing 2 :: Gathering Requirement [ Busy Indicator, Delete Qns & Re-answer ]
2aftUT.png After UT2 gathering requirements.png
User Testing 1 :: Review & Edit Proposal [ Height of RichTextEditor Increased ] User Testing 2 :: Review & Edit Proposal [ Dynamic Proposal Content Insert ]
User Testing 1 :: Creation of PDF [ Truncated texts using JSPDF ] User Testing 2 :: Creation of PDF [ New Structure using iText ]

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UT 2 interview

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