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Project Progress Summary

Presentation Materials

View our one minute pitch HERE
S/N Description Link
1 Presentation Slide [Click here]
2 Web application Click here
3 1 minute pitch video Click here
4 Poster Click here

Project Status

  • Altitude has accomplished 100% of our project
  • 2 User Testing sessions was conducted
  • An interview was conducted with our client,Christian Cuske to validate our project quality

Project Achievements

Manage to handle multiple new development tools
Successfully deployed into git hub server
Conducted all the core and secondary features as planned
Successfully make the application into mobile friendly in Safari for iPads

These are the completed features

  • Login
  • Take in requirements from RFP
  • Generate Proposal
  • Download PDF
  • Design Ontology
  • Match Options
  • Review and Edit Proposal
  • Modify Recommended Options
  • Recommended Options
  • Save Current Input
  • Furnish Proposal
  • Integration
  • Preserve Proposal
  • Edit Proposal

Project X-factor


Project Highlights

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S/N Event Sprint Impact Mitigation/Contingency plan
1 Client's Change in Requirements

The client requested for several changes:

  • Side-tool to create the proposal
  • A document management page which consolidates all proposals for management.
  • Allow user to change previously answered question
  • Revisit previous stages (Requirement, Selection, Configuration, Document)
Sprint 8
  • More time required to rearchitect and develop front-end and backend
  • Features list remains and extended
  • Delays in our scheduled sprints
  • In accordance to our risk management plan, we reprioritised the new requirements along with our existing features and rescheduled our sprint tasks accordingly
  • More man-hours is needed from the team to complete the new requirements
2 Integration

They see value in specific aspects of our project and wanted to use it immediately in their product demo to their client.

Sprint 9
  • Had to be done in parallel alongside our development of other functions
  • Front and Backend need to conform to their coding paradigm for integration (BODTO, $.rest)
  • As we had to refactor our application to accommodate integration, we reduced our scope, and adjusted our schedule to accommodate
  • To ensure project productivity, we split into 2 development teams to work in parallel — one on integration and one on developing sprint schedule functions
3 Platform Update — Initialization of platform changed

A class with 20 methods that our app was dependent on, completely removed

Sprint 10
  • Broke our application, undid our previous work
  • We had to re-code the methods that were missing
  • Resulted in 3 weeks of lowered productivity (time spent fixing existing features rather than working on new features)
  • We reprioritized our backlog, thus rescheduling our sprint tasks so that the more important ones are developed first
  • In addition, kept constant contact with their local engineers, as well as seeked out our supervisor for his advice