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Project Description

Named Semantics-based Insight Selling (SIS), this project serves to address the incumbencies faced in the quotation process by facilitating the understanding of end customers’ requirements, map those to product capabilities, select and price the solution as well as present the offer. Key functional requirements include enablement of guided selling, quick turnaround time for quotes and appealing layout for the proposal documents. This translates into a solution that not only requires automating aspects of the selection process leveraging on an ontology framework, but must also be accessible to the stakeholders of the RFP.

about Altitude

The individual members have different ambitions but they can all be similarly described as "high aspirations". Coupled with the team's collective commitment to high performance, our team logo serves to remind us those two very facts. What better way to conclude our curriculum but with a crescendo?

Calendar of Events

6th Dec 2013 — Handover session @ IMC

6th Dec 2013 — Poster Day

2nd Dec 2013 — Final Presentation

13th Nov 2013 — UT 2

12th Nov 2013 — Poster Submission

5th Nov 2013 — 1 Minute Project Pitch

4th Oct 2013 — Mid Term Presentation

24th Sep 2013 — User Testing 1

20th Jun 2013 — Proposal Submission

15th Aug 2013 — Acceptance Presentation

Project Status

Currently at Sprint


Current Developments
  • UT Preparation
  • Defined interface
  • Improve Q&A Session Experience
  • Proposal Creation
  • Amend Proposal

Check out our

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