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Meeting Minutes

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No Date Summary Document Remarks
1 21-09-12
  • Idea Brainstorming for Project
  • Decided on "Outdoor Event Management" + "Social Map"
  • Deciding on Technologies to be use
  • Discuss personas and X-factor
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 21-09-12
2 09-10-12
  • Come up with the name "Blurp!" for our application/project name
  • Decides on the functionality of app, social map and social feed
  • Limiting social feed to 140 characters like Twitter
  • Proposal submitted
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 09-10-12
3 12-10-12
  • Review of competitors app and review proposal
  • Come up with mock paper prototype for mobile application
  • Discuss of major features and functions of mobile application
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 12-10-12
4 19-10-12
  • Decide and update wiki on Acceptance Presentation Day
  • Final discussion/confirmation on team's roles and responsibilities.
  • Mock up prototype for Web Event Management portal on Whiteboard
  • Discuss functions and features of the portal.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 19-10-12
5 26-10-12
  • Preparing slides content on acceptance slides
  • Fully completed paper prototype and photographed
  • Updated and submitted proposal writeup, also wiki updated with proposal
  • Team to continue with high fidelity prototype and all documentation.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 26-10-12
6 02-11-12
  • Supervisor meeting with Prof Ben on progress
  • Acceptance slides clarification
  • Setting up a mobile test educational apple account
  • Team to think of proof of concept and continue progress till acceptance
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 02-11-12 Supervisor Meeting
7 07-11-12
  • Edit slides for better fonts and flow
  • Need to discuss risk management and to recreate logo
  • To do up our feature-comparison table
  • Get ready for meeting and securing a mentor end of this week
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 07-11-12
8 19-12-12
  • Progress as per scheduled, slightly behind time due to travelling overseas
  • Discuss on test cases and project scope diagram editing
  • Done up bug metrics on google spreadsheet
  • To work on security of our application
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 19-12-12
9 28-12-12
  • Implement facebook login on mobile application
  • To discuss and implement user interface for web application
  • To implement pop up for delete events/organiser functions
  • Finalise on security issues for our application
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 28-12-12
10 02-01-13
  • To email supervisor and mentor on the next meeting
  • Discuss on UI layout on registration and landmarks
  • Project Manager needs to change schedule based on delay
  • To update and work on wiki.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 02-01-13
11 08-01-13
  • To create wiki dashboard and update schedule
  • "Manage User" UI to be done, and prepare web application for testing
  • Complete all mobile functions for iteration 4 by Monday (13 Jan)
  • Complete User Test Cases for both Web Application and Mobile Application
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 08-01-13
12 11-01-13
  • Update supervisor Prof Ben on progress
  • To find real event organizer to validate our idea
  • To perform heuristic testing on our current version of application
  • Whole team to brainstorm on possible broader ideas about the uses of our application.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 11-01-13
NeoPhase Meeting Slides: 11-01-13
Supervisor Meeting
13 18-01-13
  • First meeting with mentor
  • To think and reflect on the validity and target audience of our app
  • Prof Ben advised team to work on how we can convince users to use our platform
  • Development progress as per normal, need to firm up on our business model
NeoPhase Mentor Meeting Notes: 18-01-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Notes: 18-01-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Slides: 18-01-13
Supervisor Meeting & Mentor Meeting
14 22-01-13
  • To revalidate our idea
  • Brainstorm to add value proposition to our project
  • To design our heuristic evaluation & user tests
  • Whole team work on the logistics required for user testing
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 22-01-13
15 25-01-13
  • Meeting to reassess our value proposition with mentor & supervisor
  • Showcase demo and appStore approval
  • Continue to work on User Testing preparation
  • Questionnaires need to touch-up
NeoPhase Mentor Meeting Notes: 25-01-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Notes: 25-01-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Slides: 25-01-13
Supervisor Meeting & Mentor Meeting
16 29-01-13
  • Prepare & Plan for User testing 2
  • Review Changes made from UT 1
  • Allocate roles for UT 2
  • Reevaluate iphone's storyboard and UI
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 29-01-13
17 01-02-13
  • Meeting to demo our UT with mentor & supervisor
  • Gather feedback and responses
  • Update mentor & supervisor on project progress
  • Continue to prepare for second UT
NeoPhase Mentor Meeting Notes: 01-02-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Notes: 01-02-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Slides: 01-02-13
Supervisor Meeting & Mentor Meeting
18 12-02-13
  • Need to deploy mobile app to appStore for review by 18 Feb
  • Review Changes made from UT 2
  • Changed JianXin's role to User Experience Developer (Mobile) to focus on Mobile UI
  • Discuss midterm presentation's content & demo
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 12-02-13
19 15-02-13
  • Went through our midterm slides
  • Feedback from Prof Ben on the metrics and technical complexity
  • Updated prof on JianXin's role to User Experience Developer (Mobile) to focus on Mobile UI
  • Discuss midterm presentation demo
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 15-02-13
Supervisor Meeting
20 19-02-13
  • Discuss mobile UI development
  • Decided to use Well-being Metric
  • To think of a good description for our application and idea.
  • Discuss midterm presentation demo
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 19-02-13
21 22-02-13
  • Discuss with Robert on our midterm progress so far.
  • Distributed tasks for all to work on for midterms
  • To complete application changes as soon as possible
  • Robert gave some feedback on how we can improve our applications
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 22-02-13

NeoPhase Mentor Meeting Notes: 22-02-13

Mentor Meeting
22 27-02-13
  • Showcase what our application is about
  • Decided to try using our application for the safety vehicles
  • To keep their routes and plans confidential
  • Require them to help us fill in a survey about our applications.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 27-02-13
Meeting SMUX AdRace Organizers
23 01-03-13
  • Shared on our trial with SMUX.
  • Decided that it will be good if we can approach real organizers.
  • To ask Prof Mei for assistance when we are doing up the statistics
  • Discuss how else can we value add to organizers
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 01-03-13

NeoPhase Meeting Slides: 01-03-13

Supervisor Meeting
24 05-03-13
  • Discuss mobile and web development
  • The timestamp of web application needs to be finetuned
  • Discuss overall UI feel of our project
  • Mobile team to work on dynamic organizers images.
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 05-03-13
25 07-03-13
  • First Meeting with PMB
  • Showcase what our project application is about and how we can do to help
  • To give them a timeline of when the mobile app is on AppStore
  • Discuss the information that they can give us regarding their event
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 07-03-13
First Meeting with PMB Organizers
26 08-03-13
  • Discuss what our project application can do
  • Understand what Singapore World Water Day event is about
  • To consider how we can incorporate our application for this event
  • Update her once the application is updated on AppStore
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 08-03-13
Meeting PUB Organizer, Alison
27 12-03-13
  • Discuss our latest updates with PMB organizers
  • Discuss publicity avenues of My Monumental Playground
  • To think of how we can get people to download
  • Michelle to follow the poster to do up the landmarks icon design
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 12-03-13
Meeting with PMB Organizers
28 15-03-13
  • Discuss and decided on scope change
  • Informed Mentor and Supervisor on removal of BlurpMap for Mobile
  • Discuss about the printing of publicity poster for MMP event
  • Discuss on My Monumental Playground
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 15-03-13

NeoPhase Mentor Meeting Notes: 15-03-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Notes: 15-03-13
NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Slides: 15-03-13

29 26-03-13
  • Discuss with supervisor and mentor on the overall of project so far
  • Discuss on WebSocket issue faced at My Monumental Playground
  • Reflection of team overall performance
  • Discuss how we can do better for final presentation
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 26-03-13

NeoPhase Meeting Slides: 26-03-13

Supervisor & Mentor Joint Meeting
30 02-04-13
  • Discuss overall application completion rate
  • Discuss on Starry Nite publicity and execution
  • Thinking of what to do for last user-testing
  • Discuss final presentation demo
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 02-04-13
31 03-04-13
  • Discuss dashboard statistics
  • Meeting with Prof Mei for her advice on useful statistics to show
  • The mood meter could be shown in a stacked histogram.
  • Discuss changes to be made
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 03-04-13

NeoPhase Meeting Slides: 03-04-13

Meeting with Prof Mei
32 09-04-13
  • Discuss overall project development
  • Discuss inclusion of an informative landing page
  • Recap latest user testing results
  • Reflect on marketing efforts thus far
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 09-04-13
33 12-04-13
  • Discuss final presentation
  • Finalise statistics to show on Event Dashboard
  • Discuss X-Factor
  • Discuss future plans for neoPhase
NeoPhase Meeting Notes: 12-04-13

NeoPhase Supervisor Meeting Notes: 12-04-13

Supervisor Meeting