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There are few sources of change for the project itself. Depending on the initiator of the project change, change control processes would have to be taken into consideration.

Types of Change

Requirement Change

Requirement changes are modifications, additions, deletions of requirements stated in the latest version of requirements documentation. In this case, sponsor and supervisor would be noted. Response from supervisor and sponsor would be sought before decision is sealed.

System Design Change

System changes are modification, additions, deletions to the system architecture and detail system design as stated in the latest versions of system architectural documentations and technical infrastructure documentations. Depending on severity, response from supervisor might be sought before decision is sealed.

Business Process Change

Business Process changes are modifications, additions, deletions to the existing business processes as stated in the latest versions of process analysis documentation.


Following the feedback given by our supervisor, we have come up with the revised change process:

  1. Change initiated by external party
  2. Project Manager informed of change
  3. Project Manager makes decision of change and decides if team meeting is needed
  4. Project Manager informs team supervisor and sponsor(only if necessary)
  5. If team meeting is needed, meeting is scheduled, else team would be informed of change once decision made
  6. Change would be analyzed and decision reached by team to make it known.
  7. Change decision is being made known to supervisor
  8. Change implemented and decision is made known to team, supervisor and sponsor(if necessary)

Major Changes


Changes that are formalized and agreed upon by team, and stakeholders if necessary, would be recorded in the respective documentation by Project Manager/Deputy Project Manager. Followup actions of changes made to project and team would be tracked by the Deputy Project Manager.

Check out our Change Log:

Check out how the Change Log was used:



Issues consists of items that are small changes that do not significantly impact the project schedule or project scope. Our team adopts an issue list in order to keep track of outstanding issues.

Check out our Issue Log: