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Welcome to Viaxeiros FYP Wiki Page
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What is Viaxeiros?

Viaxeiros stands for "Travellers" in Galician. It was adopted as the Team's name on 15 Aug, 3.44pm at Bugis+ Manhattan's Fish Market.

Our Objectives

Our team first got acquainted in officially during our Software Engineering class. Despite being in different teams, we got together to share our experiences within their respective teams, and helped each other along the way.

Along the way, the team got closer to one another, coincidentally bidding for the same classes. It was then when we decided that the dynamics between all of us is good enough to achieve a successful IS480 project, and Viaxeiros was born.

Through this project, we hope to know each other even better, with the long nights and meetings that we foresee in doing this project. Naturally, we all would hope to gain valuable lessons in this journey, be it soft or hard skills. Despite the tough demands from this course, we hope to still go through this in a fun and enjoyable way with each other’s company!

Lastly, we would hope that we would be able to successfully produce a quality app that fits our sponsor’s need, a mobile app so awesome that all of us would feel proud to be part of!

About Us