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SMU Macness' Needs

The idea of this project is to allow SMU iPhone users to gain access to important functions of SMU Administrative and academic services. The main objective is to create mobility at any point without needing to access their computers.

Hence, from the very first client meeting, Team Phoenix is given three core functions to be build:

  • CCA Website Event Board (Media for information dissemination)
  • Room Booking Function (Via Mobile Apple iOS Application)
  • Location Maps Functions (Via Mobile Apple iOS Application)

Project Description

Team Phoenix is building an iPhone Application (SMU App V2) and a CCA web portal for SMU Macness Society, which is dedicated to Students of Singapore Management University. The application consists of three core functionalities: CCA Portal (Events Board),Facility/Room Booking, and Way-Finder (School Map).

Within this iPhone Application, students will be able to find out more information about CCAs in SMU, starting their background information to the list of registered members in SMU. Students will be able to browse available CCAs in SMU and send a registration application to any particular CCA across the campus.

Furthermore, the solution will enhance efficiency for students to book GSRs, SRs, CRs, or other facilities across campus, with an internet connection, anywhere from their iPhone. Ultimately, a Way-Finder will assist user to find corresponding rooms across different schools.

X Factor

  • Enhance user experience when booking SMU facilities via a user friendly platform
  • High chances of framework adoption by IITS to implement in SMU

Team Motivation

Firstly, the current information dissemination service available for CCAs or Student Clubs in SMU is only by email distribution. Likewise, Student Life Management Systems (SLiMS) in OASIS has a low awareness among SMU students.

Secondly, in regards to facility booking system, students have to personally go to OASIS portal to create, cancel, or confirm. This means that they have to open their PC/laptop in order to perform tasks above. Doing so in mobile phone browser might not be convenient due to the limitation of screen size and/or limitation in browser’s compatibility. Lastly, very often students get confused in finding location of GSRs, SRs, and CRs across different schools.

By having an iPhone application, students will be able to check latest information about different information related to CCA’s background and the latest activities/events/announcement available from every single CCA. Furthermore, the solution would also increase students’ efficiency in creating/confirming/canceling facility booking, anywhere with their iPhone. Eventually, Way-Finder (Mapping Functionality) will assist student to find out room locations in a convenient way. SMU IITS is also interested to invest in applications for Mobile Platforms (iOS and Android) as the trend is moving towards mobile.

Ultimately, we find that this project is very interesting and useful, as we would like to contribute back to SMU community.

Market Survey

In order to support our project motivation, Team Phoenix decided to conduct market survey for a visibility study. Based on the survey, our major finding conclude that there is high volume of GSR booking per month. In addition, Student Life Management System (SLiMS) has a low awareness among undergraduates in SMU. More findings from our survey can be found over the graph below. Survey was conducted in week 10 of current semester and we received answers from approximately 110 respondents from SMU undergraduates.


Slims awareness.png

Based on the charts above, it is shown that iPhone is stillone of the most favorite smartphones among students in SMU. This creates a further motivation for us to embark into Macness' Project. In addition, after conducting the survey, we see that SLiMS can be better promoted. Some feedback given to improve SLiMS: 'Enable Recruitment Session', 'Latest information about CCA', 'Future events', 'Latest Activities', and 'As an alternative way for spam emails from CCA'.

How many times book room.png

OASIS's Complexity.png

From two graphs above, it can be seen that there is a huge volume of room booking per month, with an average of one booking per week per student. Moreover, we can see that there is a room for improvement on the user friendliness of SMU Facility Booking System. From our survey, average 'complexity' (number of steps taken to create room booking) and 'difficulty' (easiness to learn the system) score is about 4-6 out of 10 (maximum score). As a result, we are trying to build iPhone App with a better way to perform facility booking.