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Project Progress Summary

Description Link
Powerpoint slides Elderlove-Final_Presentation.pdf
Mobiplore http://elderlove.mobicaresocial.com/

Project Highlights

  • Unable to get validation from sponsor
    • Seek validation from other relevant parties (Prof. Lian Chee, Dr. Win)
  • New changes from Prof. Lian Chee in final weeks
    • Prioritize changes keeping in mind time left for FYP and application usability
  • Not allowed to install required packages for behavior analysis on Site5
    • Customized backend codes to perform fairly similar functions

Project Management

Project Scope


  • RSS and Virtual Friend (good-to-have functions) were removed due to prioritized focus on changes to existing functions for optimization.
Completed Incomplete In-progress
Calendar RSS
Manage Event Virtual Friend
Manage Friend
Profile Management
Patient Management
Patient Analysis

Project Status

Iteration Task Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
1 Sponsor confirmation 100% 1 Mobipiazza and LARC
2 Project requirement gathering 100% 1
3 UI design paperprototyping 100% 1
4 Account setups (Log in/Log out) 100% 1 Admin, doctor, patient, family member
Fully deployed and tested 100%
4 Proposal submission 100% 1
5 Profile 100% 1 Admin, doctor, patient, family member
5 Broadcast 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
6 UI design 100% 1
7 Broadcast 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
8 Feedback, Manage friend, Newsfeed 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
9 Patient management, Patient analysis 100% 1 Done and validated by Prof. Lian Chee. Deployed on server provided by sponsor.
10 Game 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
11 Calendar, Event 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
12 Patient management 100% 1 Done and deployed on server provided by sponsor.
13 Patient analysis 100% 1 Done and validated by Prof. Lian Chee. Deployed on server provided by sponsor.
14 RSS, Virtual friend 0% 0.90 Basic research done.
15 UT 3, UT 4 50% 0.50 UT 3 completed, UT 4 with targeted patients/doctors will not be possible currently.
16 Final presentation 85% 1 Left with actual presentation.

Project Schedule

Schedule 421.png

  • Revision #1
    • Description : removed RSS/Virtual Friend.
    • Reason : after validation by Prof. Lian Chee, we have prioritized improvements to the application over the implementation of these good-to-have functions.
  • Revision #2
    • Description : removed UT4.
    • Reason : unable to get targeted users.

Links :

Project Metrics


  • Spike in iteration 15
    • Reason : Site5 server was down and packages that we needed to have installed were not allowed.

Links :


  • Iteration 14 :
    • Reason : addressed bugs from Midterm feedback.
  • Iteration 15/16 :
    • Reason : there were major UI changes (critical level: low) after consulting Prof. Lian Chee for validation.

Links :

Project Risks

S/N Risk Probability Impact Mitigation
1 Unable to carry out UT with targeted users. High High Seek for other parties to validate the system, e.g. Prof. Lian Chee, Dr. Win, elderly and friends.
2 Unable to have regular meetings and feedbacks from sponsor. High High Ensure regular team feedbacks to sponsor and other validators, i.e. supervisor, Prof. Lian Chee.
3 Site5 server down and unsuccessful install of required packages for analysis on the server. High Medium PM has to ensure and remind sponsor about payment for server and also seek approval to install these packages on the server. Customized coding to replicate packages.

Risk update #1:

  • Initially, we were supposed to have our system validated by doctors, but Prof. Lian Chee would like us to have our analysis validated before meeting the doctors. The misalignment between our sponsor's validation requirements and Prof. Lian Chee's validation requirements delays our meeting with targeted users.

Risk update #2

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to have regular meetings with our sponsor to get feedbacks on application progress/updates.

Risk update #3

  • Unforeseen circumstances with Site5 not allowing us to install the required packages. As such, we did our own coding to replicate the workings of the packages.

Links :

Technical Complexity

S/N Complexity Description Component
1 Django framework Django is a high-level python web framework that handles database query, modeling and back-end and front-end communication. The learning curve is steep as Django has a lot of features that are different from the normal python. Entire project.
2 Bootstrap This is the default CSS settings that come from the pinax framework. We needed to modify it to work with multiple browsers and resolutions and add in our own customizations. *Patient functions
*Doctor functions
3 Integration with Django application django_notification - this is a notification module widely leveraged by other modules.
django_friends - this is a friendship module that handles user relationships.
Both these modules have no documentations and are difficult to understand.
4 Open-source Javascript libraries These include jQuery, jQuery plug-ins; D3.js, etc. We have to make sure that they don't conflict with each other and customize the look to suit our application. Entire project.
5 rank sum test Using rank sum test model for patient behavior pattern analysis (mood and dietary) of past week and past 3 month.
Intoduction of Rank Sum Test
Medical application (Chinese)

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes
Requirements Storyboarding
Analysis Use case
Design System Architecture Diagram
ER diagram
Testing User Test


Stage Specification
Development Environment Application deployed on Site5.
Database Database deployed on Site5.
Handover Instructions : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CbwSrmlJRL9kf_7pQ6u1TRJHe0oQQFS0rCl0USfUt4s/edit


UT 3

Area Description
  • Find out if users could identify the different functionalities without being told
  • Gather feedbacks (UI/functionality)
  • Participants : 6 SMU undergraduates (have never tested our application previously)
  • Location : SMU SIS GSR 2-6
  • Time : -
  • Date : 15th March 2013
  • Scenario : Users are patients with Parkinson's and/or Alzheimer's/Users are doctors
Method Users are given a brief introduction to Mobiplore and then asked to explore the website and note down what they could do on the website. No other guidance was given.
Data Collection Users will fill in a google form with what they could do on the website (including feedbacks on UI/functionality).
Scope of Features Tested
  • Log in with given account
  • Profile management (view, edit)
  • Friend management (add, accept invitation, decline invitation)
  • Make a post (mood, thoughts, food and drink)
  • Manage feed (view, reply, like)
  • Play games
  • Events management (create, view, join)
  • Appointment (view)
  • Patient management (add, delete)
  • Analysis (view)
  • Appointment (book)
click here to view how we conducted our ut

System Validation

Area Description
  • Test current usefulness and validity of Mobiplore’s different features and functions.
  • Gather feedbacks (UI/functionality) for improvement
  • Participants : Prof. Lian Chee
  • Location : SMU SIS MR
  • Time : -
  • Date : 1st April 2013, 18th April 2013
  • Scenario : Prof. Lian Chee will be evaluating the application from the perspective of someone who has been in the healthcare industry for 12 years.
Method Given free reign to explore the website.
Data Collection Minutes-taking by PMO.
Scope of Features Tested
  • Log in with given account
  • Profile management (view, edit)
  • Friend management (add, accept invitation, decline invitation)
  • Make a post (mood, thoughts, food and drink)
  • Manage feed (view, reply, like)
  • Play games (puzzle, numbers, picture)
  • Events management (create, view, join)
  • Appointment (view, accept appointment, reject appointment, reschedule appointment)
  • Patient management (add, delete)
  • Analysis (view)
  • Appointment (book, view rescheduled appointment)
  • Admin configurations
  • Admin account creations



  • Important to decipher what is realistically possible to complete with our abilities and what is good to have but beyond our abilities.
  • Importance of task prioritization given the time frame.
  • Take each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.
  • Team dynamics is very important.


Name Reflection
Wong Cai Ling
  • From this FYP, I have learned on how to better manage a bigger scale of project, improving my project management skill and also stakeholder management skill.
  • I also discovered the importance of having different people reviewing our system to know our users’ needs better.
  • Lastly, how good a project estimates or planning does not mean that we could anticipate every single risk that we might face, instead taking each as a learning opportunity to better polished my PM skill.
Celestine Goh
  • For UT sessions, should always consider possible alternatives to targeted users, as evident in our case, we may not always get our targeted users during our desired timeframe. Also, each UT session should have different group of users if possible as seasoned testers are more familiar with the application and may overlook small but important issues.
  • Importance of UT preparation - to have a polished application for testing so that users will be able to have as real an experience as possible and not spot the same bugs that we are aware of, which reduces productivity of a UT session.
  • Challenge of prioritizing feedbacks and determining which are relevant in the optimization of our application considering our targeted users.
Cai Zejun
  • Learn to design more effectively and reasonably. Web layout and presentation should not only reflect individuals’ preferences but also need to align with functionalities. It is very important to constantly collect feedbacks from different perspectives to avoid “blind spot”!
  • Don’t be disheartened when facing setbacks, “every difficulty lies opportunity” is TRUE.
Sarah Chu
  • After taking FYP, I realized that building an application merely to suit user needs is not sufficient. The application’s user interface needs to undergo critical scrutiny to ensure easy and intuitive usage for the clients. If usability is compromised, it defeats the purpose of building the application to improve people’s life as they will find it more of a trouble to use the application more than anything else.
  • I have also learnt that developing an application needs regular feedbacks and reviews from various stakeholders so as to avoid unnecessary time spent on changing codes repeatedly.
Liu Rongxuan
  • I have learnt knowledge and improved my skills in web language programming(JavaScript, CSS, HTML), data visualization, and usability analysis.
  • Together with my dear teammates, I walked through multiple challenges and tried our best to solve problems we encountered, which includes both technology obstacles and project management issues. *Through this painful yet delightful journey, I gained deeper knowledge in server deployment, database structure, and team cooperation.
Quan Ke
  • Working closely together with Front-end is very important
  • Be aware that not all libraries are readily available


Name Comments
Professor Kyong Jin Shim (Our Sponsor)

MobiPlore started out as a framework and the team's integrated lots of interesting features relevant to the objective of the project. We've given them a shared server via Site5 and the team's actively sought solutions/alternatives with respect to the framework set up and troubleshooting. All the graphics such as icons are creations done by the team members. If the first half of the FYP focused on setting up the framework and communicating back and forth on which of the requested requirements can be implemented, the second half of the FYP focused a lot more on testing and most importantly "validation". Ms. Lian Chee, having worked in healthcare industry for over 10 years and having dealt with similar systems and working directly with the doctors from KTPH, actively helped evaluate the various features of the system carefully and suggested amendments, especially in the analytics portion (which is an important part of this project). The team's taken the feedback positively, confirmed with Lian Chee and followed up very well and incorporated those changes that were requested. MobiPlore, today, looks a lot like what we (sponsor) envisioned. Obviously, there are lots more interesting stuff we can add, however, the team's met all the requirements asked in the beginning by the sponsor and performed all the tests necessary.

Koh Lian Chee (Senior Instructor)

I worked with team ElderLove in the validation of their application with respect its applicability in our local healthcare domain context. The Mobiplore application provides useful features that enable healthcare professionals, caregivers as well as relatives to engage with and to monitor the elderly remotely. I find the features of Mobiplore (especially the tracking of dietary, and social activity levels of the elderly) to have good potential for use by our local community.

The members of team ElderLove exhibited positive and responsible attitudes with regards to the handling of their project. They were always responsive and communicated clearly in all their dealings with me. They also took notes of all feedback well and worked hard to incorporate feedback into their application. I have seen marked improvements as a result when comparing their mid-term vs their final versions of their application.

Dr Thein Than Win (HOPE Doctor)

Dr. Win, an on-site doctor at HOPE, a NGO that oversees migrant workers’ health, has kindly used Mobiplore and provided some general feedbacks. He indicated that he was able to do the following well: 1. Logging into all three doctor, patient and family accounts 2. Change/update my profile 3. Invite friend 4. Click the given tabs under each account name

He has also given some feedbacks on how we can improve the usefulness of Mobiplore in the following ways:

  • 1. User interface will be changed later to make it more attractive
  • 2. I guess more functions will be added for the doctors to be useful in their clinical management of particular patient?

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