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Project Progress Summary

Charis Logo.png

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We are at our final(16th) iteration!

Since the start of our project which started on the 28th of August, we have made several key accomplishments

  • Deployed our application live with a launch event and feedback session
  • Completed 4 UTs with Sponsors, Residents and SMU Students
  • Managed (Still managing in fact) a 24/7 IT helpdesk
  • Efficiently managed 2 code bases
  • Successfully built a usable and deployed application, with minimal knowledge to frameworks such as hibernate and stripes.
  • Completed our scope requirements and maximized value to sponsor

Project Highlights

Scope Completion

We have completed all of the functionalities as agreed upon with our client, as seen in our scope diagram below as well as our priority circle.


LivingNet Launch Events
CHARIS LaunchA.jpg CHARIS Launch.jpg

The LivingNet launch event!

  • Held on the 23rd of March 2013
  • Purpose was to market the use of the app
  • Interact and obtain feedback from residents
  • An interactive and hands on event where residents can use our app
  • Resolved any enquiries and issues that they encounter
  • Most importantly to encourage residents to unlock their accounts
CHARIS Launch3.jpg CHARIS Launch1D.jpg

CHARIS Launch2Az.png CHARIS Launch2Bz.png

The LivingNet Post-launch feedback session!

  • 2nd installment of our launch event
  • Great response in the 1st week of launch
  • Purpose was to interact and gather feedback from residents
  • Provide technical assistance if needed
  • Interact and obtain feedback from residents
  • Reach out to residents who have yet to unlock their account
CHARIS Launch2C.png CHARIS Launch2Dz.png

Functionality Swap

Implemented a facility booking payment system in place of a taxi booking system. This was agreed upon with the sponsor at our 12th iteration, as it will add the greatest value to what we have in place so far.

CHARIS Swap1.png

CHARIS Swap2.png

Project Achievements

Unlocks.png Successful Marketing Strategy

Our team has little experience in marketing, and having to market our application to real users, was initially a daunting task!
We had multiple brainstorming sessions with our sponsor to devise a suitable marketing strategy.Finally, we are able to realize the strategy through a 3 week marketing campaign prior to the launch. The marketing was a success given the encouraging response shown by the residents who have unlocked their accounts.
Positive User Feedback

Through the various interaction sessions that we have had with the residents, our application has been praised for its novelty, ease of use, and impact in improving the living experience at the condominium. We have also implemented an in-app rating system, so that we can obtain quantitatively, the positive sentiments of the users. Given that this as a new good-to-have feature that we have just implemented, apart from our core functionalities, we believe that the quantitative ratings would give us a quantitative reflection of the positive feedbacks that we have so far.
Maybankke.jpg Sponsor Satisfaction

Prior to starting the project, our sponsor gave us a 4 main KPIs in which they wanted to meet through the completion of the project.
These KPIs include:
  • To create an admin management system to effectively remove the need for paper based processed within the premises
  • Enhance communication between residents at home and on-the-go
  • To have a complete information and resource directory for residents.
  • Fully migrate data from paper-based systems to the web-based system.
  • To get at least 75% of the residents on board in using the application.

  • Project Challenges

    Aligning deployment with sponsor's business processes

    • Many levels of checks and approvals required before deployment is able to be carried out
    • Logistics and training requirements was also a challenge as we needed to ensure that our key stakeholders such as the managing agent is able to use our application
    • Needed to balance between increasing usage of application through marketing means agreeable with our stakeholders at the condominium

    Project Management

    Project Schedule

    CHARIS Timeline v6a.png

    Project Schedule (MidTerm to Finals Plan vs Actual)

    CHARIS PlannedvsActualTimeline v1.png

    Project Metrics

    Velocity Metric

    Velocity Score Metric

    CHARIS VelocityScoreMetric v2.png

    CHARIS ScoreGraph v2.png

    Iteration Velocity Progress

    CHARIS IterationVelocityProgress v6.png

    Team Strength: represents the relative man hours available for development.

    Score: represents the number of points we completed coding in the iteration.

    Baseline Velocity: represents the speed of our progress, and is measured by taking the average of the previous 3 iterations.

    Bug Metric

    CHARIS BugInfo.png

    CHARIS BugMetricGraph v6.png

    Note: No coding was done in iteration 1, 2 and 3, hence, there were no bugs reported.

    Technical Complexity

    Mobile optimization and responsive design
    Charis Responsive 1.png

    Charis Responsive 2.png

    Mobile optimization and responsive design
    Charis Optimize 1.png

    Charis Optimize 2.png
    Charis Optimize 3.png
    Charis Optimize 4.png

    Project Quality

    Project Deliverables

    Stage Specification Modules
    Project Management Minutes
    Requirements Story Cards
    Research Gathering
    Wireframes and Mockups
    Change Log
    Analysis Use Case
    Design Deployment Diagram
    Testing User Test Plan
    Supporting Documents


    For project quality, we optimized the performance of our web application by optimizing our data-fetching strategies



    Load Testing Results


    Application Launch

    On the 23rd March 2013, we launched and deployed our application - LivingNet

    In order to achieve our objectives of adding value to our sponsors through a high usage rate of our application by the condo residents, we adopted a very methodological and reiterative approach towards our Deployment Strategy. This involved a 5 step process which is currently still ongoing.

    Charis DeploymentStrategy.png

    Step 1: Sponsor Approval

    This step involves establishing an approval process to ensure the sponsor is kept abreast of our deployment developments and can advise and give inputs to our project.

    Step 2: Training

    Training for users, especially the administrators is essential step to have before actual launch. Hence we conducted two training sessions for Daud,the condo's managing agent.

    Step 3: Marketing

    In order to ensure residents sign up for the application, they first need to be aware of our launch hence we made use of three main marketing collateral, namely Email, Circulars and Posters/Standees.

    Charis Standee.pngCharis Lobby Poster.png

    Step 4: Actual Deployment of LivingNet

    We went live on the 23rd of March 2013 where our app was deployed on the main site. We also had an introductory session held at the function room of the condo to guide any residents who came down to sign up for the application. We also sent out emails and circulars with temporary usernames and passwords to incentivise residents to sign up quickly.

    Charis Launch1.png

    Step 5: Feedback & Update

    It was essential for us to obtain any feedback and update the application as soon as possible to ensure users maintained high levels of satisfaction with the application. Hence we held a Feedback and Enquiry Session on the 30th March, one week after our launch to obtain the feedback of our residents. We obtained a lot of valuable feedback and recommendations as well as received feedback on the desire for the application to provide a community platform for residents to interact with one another. We already have that function in our application but it is still pending approval of our sponsors due to logistics reasons.

    Charis Launch2.png

    Separate Development Site

    As we are constantly maintaining a live, deployed site, we have to create a separate developmental site for us to test new functionalities. You can use the dummy accounts shown below to try out our app on the developmental site. However, do not that we are constantly deploying new code and testing new functions. If you do encounter any issues/problems feel free to email us at helpdesk@beaconheights.com.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Account Type Username Password
    Normal User Account trial password
    Admin User Account admin password

    Login to our app now

    Deployment Diagram (pre-acceptance)
    Deployment Diagram (pre-Midterm and Current)



    1. Be able to quantitatively and qualitatively determine the usability of our user interface so as to increase usability and aesthetics of our application

    2. Identify the areas and causes of confusion so as to increase the usability and ease of using our application

    3. Validate the usefulness of our functionalities so as to increase satisfaction of users needs in using our application

    Data To Collect
    Quantitative Data
    Number of clicks needed to complete a task
    Time taken to complete a task
    Usability rating of each functionality
    Qualitative Data
    "Thinking-out-loud" feedback
    Verbal feedback

    UT 2

    Focus Session with Managing Agent

    Participant Demographic

    Number of Participants: 1
    Participant: Managing Agent, 26

  • Moderately tech-saavy
  • Meticulous in handling day-to-day affairs in the condominium
  • Oversees condominium operations
  • To move away from paper base system of managing facilities and residents
  • Easier way to communicate with residents
  • Managing Agent, 28

    UT 2 Results

    View Results

    Improvements Made

    View Improvements Made

    UT 3

    User Testing with Participants from SMU

    Participant Demographic

    Number of Participants: 40
    Participants: SMU Students

  • Tech-saavy
  • Concerned with ease of use and aesthetics of application
  • Avid users of social media and related applications
    Purpose of UT:
  • To obtain a larger sample of quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Validate our X-Factor
  • Participants from Session 3
    Participants from Session 4

    UT 3 Student Testing Results

    View Results

    Improvements Made

    View Improvements Made
    UT 4

    UT with condo residents

    Participant Demographic

    Number of Participants: 5
    Participant: Residents

  • Moderately tech-saavy
  • Convenient outlet to book facilities
  • Channel for feedback to the managing agent
  • Resident

    UT 4 Resident Testing Results

    View Results

    Improvements Made

    View Improvements Made
    UT 5

    UT with participants from SMU

    Participant Demographic

    Number of Participants: 14 (7 for each type of testing)
    Participant: Students

  • Different levels of tech-savvyness
  • Mostly condominium residents
  • Convenient outlet to book facilities
  • Channel for feedback to the managing agent
  • Implemented Scenario-based testing

    Implemented scenario based testing based on the advice provided by Prof Richard during our midterm review. Scenario-based testing has enabled us to pick up the nuances of usability issues that would not be as noticable if we were to soley focus on task-based testing

    UT 5 SMU Participants Testing Results

    View Results

    Improvements Made

    Better navigation and forum-style enquiries
    Improved Navigation
    Shifted enquiries to become a standalone link in the navigation bar as some users had troubles finding where it was

    Made joyride activation button more obvious as some users were notice the presence of the functionality
    Auto redirect admin users to the admin portal upon login, so as to reduce the number of clicks required for administrator to navigate themselves
    Forum Style Enquiry
    Changed the style of enquiries as previously users had to submit more than 1 enquiry if after the first reply, they do not receive a satisfactory answer. Now users are able to see a conversation thread with the admin


    Team Reflection

    Biggest Takeaway: The importance of Stakeholder Management

    • Each stakeholder has different needs, interests and expectations
    • Experience in dealing with different stakeholder to meet their needs and ensuring that everyone is satisfied at the end of the day
    • How to handle live users by providing help desk assistance as well as enquiry sessions

    Individual Reflection

    CHARIS Final Reflection 1.png CHARIS Final Reflection 2a.png

    Ernest Cai, Management Associate, Maybank-Kim Eng

    "I believe the team had superseded our initial expectations of the project deployment and impressed the residents on the project delivery. They have managed the application deployment process very efficently and have also managed the enquiries of the support staff and live users professionally."