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Our Project


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Project Overview

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Project Management

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Mid-Term Progress

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User Testing/Survey

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About Us


Our Project

What's Listen UP!?

Do you remember the classic game of Taboo with your friends?

How about playing taboo with your friends on the go, without having them to be present before you?

That is precisely what Listen UP is all about. We have decided to make the classic game of Taboo mobile! Of course not everything will be the same. We have our very own twists added to the mix to make an awesomely addictive game

Listen UP! is the next BIG THING on the android platform! It is developed based on the game concepts of Taboo, conveyed by means of your very own voice recordings!

Our Inspiration and Vision for this App!

Instead of doing a regular project, our group wanted to do a project purely independent! And what better way then to try our hand at being entrepreneurs through our project, bringing laughter, fun and love with our interactive and user-friendly mobile game application for the Android platform users.

By the end of the final presentation for IS480, we are aiming to achieve at least 100 google play downloads with an average rating of at least 4/5 or more.

We hope that our application will be able to hit the list of top 100 games in the Android Play Store. Not only attracting locals to play, but also a large pool of international users from around the world.

*Updated Documents*

Finals Presentation (PDF)

Finals Presentation (PPTX)

Game Play Connections

Group Meeting 30th November 2012

Professor Archan Meeting 26th November 2012

Mid-Term Presentation

Acceptance Presentation

*Latest News*
Our game is live on the Google PlayStore!
Simply search for ListenUp by dot-3ga on your device or visit http://tinyurl.com/dot3ga

Last Supervisor Meeting
26th November 2012
Next Supervisor Meeting

Last Team Meeting
30th November 2012
Next Team Meeting

30th November 2012, 5pm @ SIS lvl 4 MR4.4

Current Iteration Standing
Iteration 7

Current Iteration Function

Project Schedule Status
Reason for Delay(If Applicable)
No Delay
Plan of Action to be Carried Out

Bug Metric Standing
Plan of Action to be Carried Out

Next Project Milestone
Project Finals


Figure 1.1
Application Main page
Screenshot 2012-09-26-15-24-13.png

1. User selects "Login" and be directed to Figure 1.2
2. User selects "Register" and be directed to Figure 1.3
3. User selects "Facebook" login and will login automatically login using their current facebook credentials and be directed to Figure 2.1

Figure 1.2
Login Page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-08-59.png

1. If user enters in invalid email address and password, an error message will appear
2. If user enters in a valid email address and password and will be directed to Figure 2.1
3. User can choose to use the "Remember Me?" function for ease of subsequent logins

Figure 1.3
Register Page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-09-09.png

1. User registers and client application will validate credentials with server and registers if the information is correct
2. If there is an existing user with the same username, an error message will appear
3. If input fields are invalid, an error message will appear

Figure 2.1
Game Main Page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-11-30.png

1. User selects "Play With friend", and will be directed to Figure 2.2
2. User decides to play with a random opponent, and will be directed to Figure 3.1
3. User can view from a list of pending or sent games
4. User can view his/her profile page

Figure 2.2
Play with Friend
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-11-37.png

1. User can search for a friend via email
2. User enters a friend's valid email, user can select "Start My Game" button and will be directed to Figure 3.1

Figure 3.1
Game category page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-11-53.png

1. User will be able to choose one of the 4 categorized words and will be directed to Figure 3.2
2. User can choose to add extra time for recording using their earned points called UPs!

Figure 3.2
Game Recording Page
Screenshot 2012-09-26-15-50-31.png

1. User is able to record their clues using their voice after pressing the "Record" button
2. User can choose to use the voice pitch function to distort their voice for the fun factor

Figure 3.3
On Recording page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-12-02.png

1. User can preview the recording and choose to re-record until satisfied
2. User can then submit the recording which will be sent to the opponent

Figure 4.1
Listen Page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-13-30.png

1. User can listen to the received recording by pressing the "Play" button
2. Client will instantly validate the user's guessed answer
3. User can click on the 'Give Up" button and it will end the game for both parties

Figure 4.2
Result Page
Screenshot 2012-09-28-16-13-44.png

1. Upon successful guess, both users(recorder and guesser) will be award UPs! depending on their chosen difficulty and category
2. The answer and the restricted words will be displayed
3. User can choose to start the next game

Figure 5
Store Page
Screenshot 2012-10-02-20-17-54.png

1. UPs! can be exchanged for extra recording time credits according to the specified rates
2. User can choose to create their own word for 100 UPs! for other users to guess. Their username will be displayed on the created word

Figure 3.3
Create your own word
Screenshot 2012-10-02-20-17-45.png

1. User can choose the category, guess word and restricted words of their own choice
2. Once all the required fields are filled up, the "Create Word" button will light up. The created word will be sent to the server for other players to guess