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Midterm Slides: Midterm


Tweetadoo is currently in our 6th iteration.

Listed are some of the the key accomplishment that we have achieved due 1 October 2012:

• We managed to develop an Ipad application which is based on Objective C - a language we were not taught before

• We have gathered favourable and userful results from our user testing which comprises of 40 testers conducted on 24, 26 September 2012.

• We were on schedule despite having faced with some difficulties while coding the web service and integrating the web service with the iPad application.

We are confident of completing the project to upload the application to the App Store successfully.



Unexpected Happenings:

Scope Changes:

Added - Webservice (coding ourselves), Retweet/ Mention/ Follow, Database functionality.

Remove - Badges Award System, Trending Topics, Settings Page functionality

Time Constraint:

Learning of objective C language took longer than the designated 3 months

More time is placed in the development of the webservices and the understanding of backend data, thus we have to shift our focus from the front-end to the back-end too.

Technical Difficulties:

Data scrapping to extract and display images, and titles on the newsfeed



Project Timeline:

Klique Schedule Diagram.jpg

2.1 Project Status:

Overall Completion Status: 70%

Overall Confidence Level of app deploying to App Store: 100%


Task/ Function/ Features, etc Status Confident Level (0-1) Comments
Twitter Single Sign on Fully deployed and tested
100% Function Completed
1 Completed before acceptance
Registration Fully deployed and tested
100% Function Completed
1 Completed before acceptance
Display of Friend List Fully deployed and tested
100% Function Completed
1 Completed before acceptance
Terms and Conditions Fully deployed and tested
90% Function Completed
1 Awaiting LARC to input the legalized terms and condition
View Profile page Fully deployed and tested
90% Function Completed
1 Removed Badges functionality
Favourite/ Unfavourite Artiste Did Internal testing bit have not been deployed 90%
Awaiting deployment and approval from client
1 Need to deploy and do user testing
Manage Newsfeed Deployed and tested first version UI 50%
Web service 50%

Tweaking the application to accommodate changes from UT and client

1. Handle slow loading (memory allocation for iPad)

2. Content to display not only words but pictures and site headers related to the content (requires data extraction)

3. Push 2. to display on iPad

4. Implement Youtube extracted video thumbnail on iPad (backend extraction has been completed for Youtube)

5. Implement personalized tweets based on thumbs up and favourited artistes. (Displaying of Fav. Artistes feeds has been completed

6. Need to implement algorithm to include even more personalization (4 functions -> thumbs up, view detailed view, mention and retweet

Thumbs Up Completed internal testings but have not been deployed
Web Service 90% completed

Needs to be implemented on the iPad

We have completed backend implementation and have done internal testing

Need to discuss with LARC to include the additional tables we have created for LARC

Need to integrate both front and back end

Manage Group Not deployed and not tested
Web Service 0% completed

Only the UI part has been partially completed.

View (100%)

Create (100%)

Delete (0%)

Edit (0%)

Web service has not been implemented

Badges Award System Not deployed and not tested
Web Service 0% completed

Functionality removed

App Design 100% 1

Keeping the current UI based on positive user feedbacks

Working on the user testing feedback 50% 0.8

We are consolidating the user feedbacks and resolving the critical issues on hand


2.2 Project Schedule (Planned Vs Actual):

Updates since Acceptance:

Significant changes to scope:

• Change 1 : Added Webservice (coding ourselves) - Initial LARC was helping us with the coding webservice, however, we decided to code ourselves as we needed the webservices quickly so as to carry on with the development of our application.

• Change 2 : Added Retweet/ Mention/ Follow Functionalities - As our application was closely linked with Twitter, our client suggested that he would like the users to be able to do some twitter functions on our app

• Change 3 : Added database - We needed to implement a database to save data from LARC's server

• Change 4 : Removed Badges Award System - Our client wanted us to focus on the app's newsfeed functions and he felt that the badges functions would not be necessary and would consume some time implementing it

• Change 5 : Removed Trending Topics - We removed it as the application crawls only twitter and youtube feeds

• Change 6 : Removed Settings - We removed it as the the application would be relying on the user's app interaction to display the relevant tweets


Refer to : Schedule Actual Vs Planned

Tweetadoo Scope Acceptance.jpg
Tweetadoo Scope Midterm.JPG


2.3 Project Metric:

Schedule Metric:


Klique ScheduleCalculation.jpg

Please refer to: Schedule Metric for the project metrics


Bug Metric:

Tweetadoo Bug Diagram.png
Klique BugList2.JPG


2.4 Project Risks:

Risk Probability Impact Mitigation Status
LARC server down Low High Setting up of alternate server with a set up similar to that of LARC's server which includes a snapshot of their database Occured, followed Mitigation plan
Application not accepted by app store in time for final presentation High High Deploy a working but incomplete application early for review by App Store and continue development of the final application with inputs return from App Store Did not occur
Increase of scope due to unforeseen technical difficulties Medium Medium Evaluation of current functionalities and schedules to see if the additional scope is workable with the current functionalities and thus, evaluate if we need to drop a function or 2. Followed Mitigation plan
Random crashes of ipad due to inefficient handling of memory High High Release the memory as soon as the function is closed (km) Followed Mitigation plan
IOS 6 compatability issues High High Ensure that XCode 4.5 is installed and used the framework provided by IOS. Occured. Installed XCode 4.5 and ensured compatability by replacing keywords used in IOS.


2.5 Technical Complexities:

Technical Complexities Description
Deploying app to ipad using objective C Deploying app to ipad using objective C
Creating of webservices Using Memcache as a workaround to slow connection for mysql server
Content scrapping Scrapping has to be tune to individual websites
Adapting our current system (webservice and IOS application) to fit the client's system (database and memcache) We have to understand how to store the data in our mysql and to adapt our webservices to compliment our webservices with the client's database. Client's database is not in 3rd normal form that we learnt in our dm module, hence we need to explore how the data is being stored.
Heavy use of MVC model to push specific views for display to the ipad NIL



Tweetadoo QualityProduct.jpg

3.1 Immediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Schedule and Bug Metrics
Requirements Storycards Project
Analysis Usecase Usecase
App Screenshots App Screenshot
Design ER Diagram ER Diagram
User Testing User Guided Document https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bx-a0moKfQPXLUFUaXl0Zms4VkU/edit
User Feedback form https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE1yamNaZWpKR1c0YTBLQW5KYjhibGc6MQ#gid=0

3.2 Deployment

Klique Deployment Diagram.jpg

3.3 Testing

User Test Details Description
No. of user testing 40
User Testing Dates 24 - 26 Sept (10 - 6pm), each session: 20 mins
Tester Profile Testers are belonged to 3 categories: (i) kpop lovers & own twitter account, (ii) kpop lovers who do not own a twitter account, (iii) Non-kpop lovers & own twitter account

Rationale: Guided Test - Act as Control Group

Unguided Test - Act as Test Group

We wanted to find out if the user can use the app without guidance

Survey Questions https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE1yamNaZWpKR1c0YTBLQW5KYjhibGc6MQ#gid=0
Guided Testing Document https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bx-a0moKfQPXLUFUaXl0Zms4VkU/edit
Survey Results

Feedback on app functionality:

• Navigation bar is too small

• too many empty spaces in newsfeed

• can't find the back button

• cannot click on the artiste picture, had to click at the areas around the picture

• The retweet, mention buttons are not prominent position

• didn't know what to do on the select favourite artiste page

• should have a select all artiste if he wants to choose all artistes

Other features that the user might want to see:

• More information about favourite kpop groups and other artistes that you haven't heard of

• Translation

• Customization of own profile background

Are you satisfied with the app?

• More information about favourite kpop groups and other artistes that you haven't heard of

•Personalised tweets

•Easy to use


•Intuitive UI

Will you introduce the app to your friends?

•find kpop artiste easily : easier to find the news

•nice design and intuitive layout that is easy to follow

•keep one updated to latest news

•useful for catching up trends

•interesting interacting with kpop fans

•makes sharing kpop stuff easier

•have not seen an app that combines with youtube

•easy access to your favourite artistes

•make life easier as kpop fans


•frequent updates



4.1 Team Reflection

• We learn how to handle scope changes by breaking it down to manageable portions

• We learnt the importance of user testing because we realised that we were carried away by our application that we cannot see what the users see.

• Team Planning and keeping one another updated is very crucial for the team's progress

• We have to strategise and ride on one another's strength to do a task efficiently

• It is important for a team member to stand up and take charge if he feels that the team's discussion is going no where or if we are progressing in the wrong direction

• It is important for the team to meet up with their client and supervisor regularly to keep them in the loop