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To expose PalanteeRT technology to the community via development of an interactive iPad application for collection of user data to provide LARC with user online surfing behaviour for research purposes.






iOS Development Skills

•Coding customized controls vs Standard controls
•In depth knowledge on MVC modeling and applying the skills
•Designing user friend UI

Content-Scrapping Techniques

Distributing the crawling activity via multiple processes to build a scalable easily configurable , fault tolerable system

Using Webservices

Implementing web services to exchange data with LARC's server




• To come up with a risks management plan and back- up plan

• To control and organise and distribute resources to achieve team objectives and goals

• To work out differences in opinions and to find a common ground

• To plan and manage project risks and planned schedule

• We learn how to handle scope changes by breaking it down to manageable portions

• We learnt the importance of user testing because we realised that we were carried away by our application that we cannot see what the users see.

• Team Planning and keeping one another updated is very crucial for the team's progress

• We have to strategise and ride on one another's strength to do a task efficiently

• It is important for a team member to stand up and take charge if he feels that the team's discussion is going no where or if we are progressing in the wrong direction

• It is important for the team to meet up with their client and supervisor regularly to keep them in the loop


• To gather and document client’s requirements

• To liaise and update Client of project progress



Individual Takeaways

• To challenge oneself to learn new programming language

• To work with team members of differing programming styles

• To work under pressurizing scenarios, etc change of project requirements

• To control and organise and distribute resources to achieve team objectives and goals

• To work team members with varying working styles

• To have better time management