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Our Project at a GLANCE!

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Project Description


Kpop-Live is a branch of PalanteerRT which is a live real-time application based on a state-of-the-art data mining technology that collects relevant and trending data from major social media sources such as Twitter and Youtube. Our objective is to develop a proof of concept of which LARC is able to transform their research into a feasible consumer application. An interactive iPad application will be developed. Through this application, users will be updated with K-Pop happenings that are customised by constant analysis of their surfing behaviours and interests.



KpopLive is an Ipad Application that allows Kpop lovers to acquire latest kpop news and media through a consolidated newsfeed and also allows them to share the contents with their friends through integrated twitter and youtube features.

App Features:

1. Twitter Single Sign On

2. View Newsfeed

3. Favourite / Unfavourite Artiste

4. Retweet

5. Manage Profile

6. View Friendlist

7. Grouping Friends

8. Individual / Group Mention

Project Updates!


Current Iteration 10/10

1. Personalisation and all functions completed

2. Preparing for documentations handover

3. Final Presentation 29/11/2012(Thurs)



Final Review Page!


>> See Final Slides

>> See Final Wiki Page