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UI Mockups

UI Mockups for each Stories

Current as at 28 November 2012.

Chapter Story ID Story Name UI Video
Manage Account S1 Sign Up v0.1 video
S2 View My Account - -
S3 Log In v0.1 video
S4 Change Password - video
S5 Reset Password - video
S75 Edit Production House User v0.1 -
S76 Invite Casting Manager v0.1 -
S77 Self-Register Account v0.1 -
Manage Portfolio S6 View Artiste Portfolio v0.5 -
S63 View Production House Portfolio v0.1 -
S7 Edit Artiste General Information v0.2 video
S16 Set Profile Picture v0.1 -
S17 Set Featured Photos - -
S18 Set Featured Video - video
Manage Casting Call S21 Create Casting Call v0.1 -
S22 View Casting Call v0.1 -
S23 Update Casting Call v0.2 -
S24 Delete Casting Call - -
S25 Invite Artistes - -
S26 View Applicants v0.1 -
S27 Schedule an interview v0.1 video
S74 Add Interviewees in an Interview v0.1 video
S31 Accept/Reject Applicant - -
Manage Search S55 View Artiste Main Search Page v0.1 video
S56 View Production House Main Search Page v0.1 video
S57 View Artiste Search Results v0.1 video
S58 View Casting Call Search Results v0.1 video
S59 Add Favourite Search Result - -
S60 View Favourite Search Result v0.1 video
S61 Set Artiste Search Filters v0.1 -
S62 Set Production House Search Filters v0.1 -
Manage Applications S33 Apply For Casting Call v0.1 -
S34 Accept/Reject Invitation - -
S35 View Application v0.1 -
S36 Update Application v0.1 -
S37 Confirm / Reschedule Audition Date v0.1 video
S38 Withdraw Application - -
Manage Messages S39 View Inbox - -
S40 View Sent Messages - -
S41 Compose Messages - -
S42 Delete Messages - -
Landing Page
S48 View Artiste Landing Page v0.1 -
S49 View Production House Landing Page v0.1 -

Full UI Mockup Repository

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Purpose and Methodology

An Example of a Create Audition UI Mockup developed using Pencil

  • UI Mockups are developed to communicate and ensure that business requirements are properly understood between the client and our team.

  • It also serves as a blueprint and prototype for our team to refer and subsequently improve on during our development in each Sprint.

  • TimberWerkz uses Pencil 1.3, an opensource GUI Prototyping Tool for this purpose

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