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Schedule Metric

To ensure that all project tasks are kept within schedule so that the deadlines for each milestones are met.
This is done by monitoring the Burn-down chart of each sprint, calculating the Schedule Ratio and adhering to the response actions of each ratio value.


Schedule Ratio = Remaining Time / Remaining Effort

Schedule Ratio Description Response
> 1.2 Team is ahead of schedule Proceed to embark on the next task if possible
0.8 - 1.2 Within healthy schedule range No actions required for ratio above 1.
Keep close monitor on tasks that have a ratio of less than one.
< 0.8 Team is behind schedule Project Manager identifies the root cause and impact of the delay. Arrange for more time to complete the necessary tasks in the buffer time of the next sprint. Allocate more manpower to complete a particular task


Schedule Ratio for each sprint
(scroll right for Burn-down Chart)

Sprint 13

Sprint 12

Sprint 11

Sprint 10

Sprint 9

Sprint 8

Sprint 7

Sprint 6

Sprint 5

Sprint 4

Sprint 3

Sprint 2

Sprint 1

Bug Metric

To minimize the number of bugs that surface during the duration of a sprint and thus ensuring the quality of the application.
A bug is defined as an error/s in a line of code, or an anomaly in the functioning of the application.

Refer to the Bug Metric Dcoument.


Bug Score Value = (2 X No. of low severity bugs) + (4 X No. of medium severity bugs) + (10 X No. of high severity bugs)

Severity Score Severity Level Description
2 LOW Errors with page aesthetics. Feature/story can still work, but at a sub optimum level
4 MEDIUM Errors that prevent an entire feature/story from working
10 HIGH Errors that prevent more than 1 feature/story from working
Bug Score Value Response
6 and below Developers resolve issues within the Sprint
7 - 9 If bug is discovered in a feature that is not a core feature, schedule debugging in the buffer of the sprint
10 and above Developers attempt to resolve bug immediately. Project Manager relieves member of his current task and set him in charge to resolve bug
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