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IS480 Team - Verendus


Inspired and to be inspired - a group of 5 aspiring SIS undergraduates, Verendus is constantly awed by the marvels of technology and continuously seeks for new opportunities to innovate! We are here to serve the giving community and to make a happier world a reality! We strive to work towards a world full of giving and empowerment to change lives of the less fortunate with our client B1G1.

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  • Verendus

Verendus means "Awesome" in Latin.

  • The Globe

With a globe by the side of our logo, our team aims to create an AWESOME WORLD through the project of innovating new initiate of giving.

Members and Roles


Member Roles & Responsibilities
Madeline Ong Hui Ying

Project Manager

  • In charge of project schedule
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Point of Contact for Supervisor and Client
  • Mediate any possible team conflicts
  • Set the agenda for meetings
  • Keep track of bug and schedule metrics
  • Plan phases and iteration
  • Identify and access risks
Tan Chang Kiat

Lead Developer

  • Planning and organizing for the technical delivery of the FYP project
  • Resolve technical complexities in the design phase
  • Project lifecycle management (Across requirements finalization, design, coding, testing, tracking, release and burn-in support)
  • Defines coding standards

Head System Analyst

  • Works closely with System Analysts
Siti Mardiana Binte Tumadi


  • In charge of meeting minutes and project documentation
  • Detail software and user requirement specification
  • Responsible for gathering requirements from team to translate concept into conceptual diagrams (Class diagram, EER diagram, SSD, Use case, Architecture Diagram etc.)
  • In charge of SVN commits
  • Maintain Verendus Wiki Page

System Analyst

  • Assist in project planning
  • Mapping design to code
  • Software architectural design and coding
Chin Pei Wen

Business Analyst

  • Design business models and class definitions
  • Translate business requirements into technical feasibility
  • Advise and make recommendations on business and functional aspects of the project

Web Designer

  • Responsible for the design, layout and coding of the web portal
  • Involved with the technical and graphical aspects of the web portal
  • Ensure the user interface is aligned with client's requirements

System Analyst

  • Assist in project planning
  • Mapping design to code
  • Software architectural design and coding
Xu Peiwen

UAT and Technical Lead

  • In charge of testing for every phase and iterations
  • Review Test Cases to ensure coverage of all technical functions and test scenarios

System Analyst

  • Assist in project planning
  • Mapping design to code
  • Software architectural design and coding

Our Sponsor - B1G1

B1G1 is a global giving initiative based in Singapore that makes giving a literal habit through the magic of transaction-based giving. Imagine — every time business is transacted, some REAL good gets done. Buy a coffee, a kid gets water; buy a TV, a person gets sight. Effortlessly. We believe this is the way that we can together create a world that is full of giving. Just imagine if every time you bought something, it made a difference. Since being launched in 2007, B1G1 has added over 600 projects to the list of Worthy Causes and it now works with more than 500 businesses from various countries. Find out more at B1G1