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Project Overview

Project Description


Our team aims to deliver a mobile friendly (the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are presented on using responsive CSS) web application for B1G1 (Buy1Give1), a social enterprise which emphasizes on transaction-based and impact-based giving. Through the use of real time location based services (Google Maps API) as well as leveraging on social media integration (FB, Twitter API), the mobile friendly web application aims to achieve individuals and B1G1 businesses engagement in the giving process.


For Individuals:

  • Allow individuals to participate in the business giving process by scanning unique QR code which can be found on payment transaction slip.
  • Each transaction empowers individuals to choose and make an impact for their preferred projects. Every transaction would allow every individual to give back and make a difference in the world. (For example: for every coffee you purchase, you can be reassured that a child somewhere gain access to water everyday - Changing lives by doing what they normally do.)
  • Allow individuals to spread and engage their friends in the giving habit through the use of social media platforms.
  • Individuals also have the option of checking in a specific B1G1 business location to foster a giving community between individuals and businesses.

For B1G1 Businesses:

  • Allows businesses to connect with individual users
  • To provide businesses with statistics (of the projects which the individuals have chosen) to assist them in their giving process
  • Allow businesses to spread and engage the public in the sharing process through the use of social media platform
  • To allow the businesses to publicise on their B1G1 contributions
  • Has the potential to increase user pool by spreading and engaging people with the giving process. More users, More transactions, More givings! :)



Our team wants to provide a Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) mobile solution to instil a spirit of habitual giving among small-to-medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) stakeholders to contribute back to the society by integrating giving as an active part of their daily operational activities.


Sponsor Clients Involvements
  • Masami Sato
  • Paul Dunn
  • Provide user requirements and feedback
  • Oversee the development and progress of project


We aim to create an interactive mobile friendly web portal to make the giving process more efficient and as seamless as possible by providing a one-click solution in which individuals can support for worthy causes they are interested to give through scanning the QR code found on the invoice.


Mobile-friendly Web Application


The mobile-friendly web application consists of seven main components: Profile Management, QR Code, Location-Based Services, Support, Giving, Newsfeed and Project Selection.

Function Description


The newsfeed will publish the projects which individuals have supported and the check-ins which individuals have made. Individuals and businesses are able to comment, like and share the post(s) seen on newsfeed. New projects that are introduced by B1G1 will also be shown on the newsfeed to update all users on the projects that B1G1 are releasing or have just released so that they can share their feedback on the projects.

QR Code

A unique QR code will be generated to every B1G1 business which is to be included on the business invoices. Upon scanning the QR code, the individuals will be redirected to the business profile page to view the business portfolio. Each scan entitles them an opportunity to support the projects which the businesses have preselected.

Location Based Services

By using geo-tagging technology, individuals can check-in at B1G1 business locations using their mobile devices to foster connected-ness of transaction-based giving and impact-based giving with the businesses. In addition, the use of geo-tagging technology can help B1G1 to understand the usage of B1G1 in every geographical location to assist them in the planning of their marketing strategies.


For every transaction they have made, individuals can choose projects from the list of projects which resonates with the business' mission and company values.

Profile Management

Individuals are allowed to manage their B1G1 account such as uploading their profile pictures and changing their passwords. If individuals login using their Facebook account, they will not be able to change their passwords or upload their profile pictures. However, they can view a list of Facebook friends who are using B1G1 Connect too.

Project Selection

B1G1 businesses would be able to see their favorite list of projects. In addition to their favorites project, the business members are able to add/delete public projects which they want individuals to support.


B1G1 businesses are able to specify the giving amount and view the fund allocation that is calculated based on the number of supports received from the individuals.

B1G1 Connect X Factor

The early deployment of B1G1 Connect gave our team a competitive advantage in capturing and monitoring real time B1G1 users’ usage promptly - leveraging on the expanding B1G1 community. We believe, our application brings the power and ‘connected-ness’ of impact-based giving to the increasing number of B1G1 business members that form the backbone of every economy in the world.

Additional Functionalities

  • Email notification to Individual Users about the impact their support has created
  • Further engage individual users in the giving process and creating new opportunities by allowing individual users to give to the projects that are interested in.
  • Leverage giving impact by allowing business members to view the connections that they have created (e.g. The number of users that have sign up via the scanned of QR code)