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Thanks for visiting Team Sageby's Wiki Page!

Our iOS Application, Sageby Surveys, allows users to do surveys, earn credits and exchange for vouchers, all in one single iPhone!

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Latest Updates!

All functionalities have been completed and we have held our User Acceptance Test which was pleasantly accepted by our Sponsors! Also, Sageby Surveys Version 1.3 is up on Appstore!

Waste no more of your waiting time! Download Sageby Surveys from Appstore now!

Introduction to Sageby Surveys

Sageby Surveys allows users to do surveys, earn credits and exchange for vouchers, all in one single iPhone!

We are very proud to announce that our iOS Application is now available in Appstore and has garnered more than 60 downloads!


Our Team's Motivation

Project Vision

  • Develop a sustainable, intuitive and visually appealing iOS application
  • Reach out to 300 registered users, attain 200 downloads and complete 300 surveys
  • Achieve at least $600 profit 
worth of surveys


Our team is excited to learn and explore a totally new programming language that we are not usually exposed to, Objective-C. We are also intending to push the application to AppStore and reach out to real users and not leave it as only a proof of concept.

Emerging Technology

The use of mobile computing is rapidly adopted into many businesses. These businesses gain user recognition extremely quickly via mobile applications and grew faster than companies in the past.

With the upcoming iOS 6 just announced last month, our team expects to develop on Apple's newest release of their OS, as well as embracing their whole new Map API and programming structure.

Project Management

This project involves learning of new language and frameworks that the team has not dealt with before. However, our team is willing to take up the challenge to demonstrate and hone our Project Management skills with effective risk mitigation and time management strategies.

Team Members and Jobscopes