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Project Overview

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Goals for Participants

Participants Goal 1 - Reduce time taken to capture an order (1 item)

Before After
Shopaholic Goal 1 - order fufilment (Before).jpg
Shopaholic Goal 1 - order fufilment.jpg

Manual input of details into form

Currently Spree Organizers recieve about 3 orders with Errors for each spree.

Item details captured with just a click

Participants Goal 2 - Reduce Calculation Error

Before After
Shopaholic Goal 2 - calculation(before).jpg
Shopaholic Goal 2 - calculation(after).jpg

Spree Participants manually calculates amount he/she need to pay Spree Organizer

Currently Spree Organizers recieve about 3 orders with Errors per spree.

Spree Organizer sets:

  1. Exchange Rate
  2. Cost of shipping per item unit
  3. Handling Fee

Total amount spree participant is required to pay is auto calculated.
No Errors

Participants Goal 3 - Ease Payment Procedure

Before After
Shopaholic Spree Participants Payment Goal (Before).jpg
Shopaholic Spree Participants Payment Goal (After).jpg

Makes payment to Spree Organier, then fills up remainder of order form with payment details

Process takes about 9 minutes

Spree participants make payment directly to us.
No need to add multiple payee for Different Spree Organizers.
Spree Organizer will be guranteed payment from spree participants.

Process takes about 2 minutes

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Goals for Spree Organizers

Spree Organizer Goal 1 - Ease order consolidation

Before After
Shopaholic Goal 3 - order consolidation(before).jpg
Shopaholic Goal 3 - order consolidation(after).jpg

Spree Organizer manually Copy & Paste each order to be consolidated into an excel sheet

1 Click to view orders, which have been consolidated by system

Spree Organizer Goal 2 - Ease Fund Collection Process

Before After
Shopaholic Spree Organizer Goal 2 - Ease Fund Collection Process (before).jpg
Shopaholic Spree Organizer Goal 2 - Ease Fund Collection Process (after).jpg
  1. Manually verfies each payment made
  2. Sends acknowledgement to each Spree Participant
  1. 1 Click to confirm payment
  2. Invoice is automatically generated and sent to Spree Participants

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Own Benchmark For Success

Goal 1 - Implement seamless integration of Plugin for 10 Merchant Sites

Apparels & Accessories Kids Health & Beauty
Forever21 Disney Store Drugstore.com
GoJane Beauty.com
G.A.P / Old Navy E.L.F
Victoria Secrets
River Island

Goal 2 - Technical Support

Our framework is able to support a new site within 24 hours, when a request is sent by a Participant.

Goal 3 - Supporting Platforms

Windows Mac OS
Chrome Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Safari Safari
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Usability Goals - Completion Rate

As “Tag & Bag” is a new concept we are introducing, we want to ensure that users are able to understand what the “Tag” and “Bag” function is for. Instructions/guides we provide on how to use the Plugin should be very clear, and easy to understand. Hence, we expect 100% Completion Rate for the given task to users. Users must be able to complete the following task:

1. Drag & Drop bookmarklet to bookmark bar [Mid-Term]
2. “Tag” items they want to review later [Mid-Term]
3. “Bag” items they are able to confirm their purchase on [Mid-Term]
4. Checkout items in a Spree. Participants to ibank to Spree Organizer Directly [Mid-Term]
5. Spree Organizers & Participants should be able to perform topup transactions [Final]
6. Checkout items in a Spree with our Credit Management System [Final]
7. Spree Organizers & Participants are able to communicate within a Spree [Final]
8. Spree organizers are able to share the spree on facebook. Spree Participants able to join a spree through facebook embedded link [Final]

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