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Project Overview

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Spree Business Model

Current Spree Model - Spree Organizer

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Register as a Spree Organizer with moderator of Blog/Forum

Check mark.png

Post opening of Spree on Forum and Blogs

Shopaholic Current Step 2.png

Close Spree.
Manually compile spree details on Spreedsheet

Shopaholic new Step 3.png

Manually verify each payment made. Email Invoice.
[Approx 2.5 Hours]

Shopaholic new Step 4.png
Step 5 Step 5 (If item Unavailable...) Step 6 Step 7

Place order with merchant. Update status of Spree on Forum/Blog

Shopaholic new Step 5.png

Manually Process Refunds.
[Approx 6 Mins]

Shopaholic Refund.jpg

Wait 1 to 2 weeks for item to be shipped to Singapore

Send periodic email updates to participants to update them on Spree Status

Shopaholic now Step 6.png

When item arrives, repack parcels to send out to respective participants of the spree

Shopaholic Current Step 8.png

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Current Spree Model - Participants

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Browse Merchant Sites for items to purchse

Shopaholic Current Step 1.png

Search Forums and Blogs for Open Sprees to join

Shopaholic Current Step 2.png

Factors to consider when Joining Sprees:

  • Time Taken for Item to Arrive
  • Items accepted by Spree Organizer
  • Exchange rate offered by Spree Organizer
  • Shipping/Handling Cost
  • Postage/Handling Fee

Fill up Form with details of item you wish to purchase
[Approx 5-7 Minutes]

Spree-form-part 1.png
Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8

Proceed to make payment to Spree Organizer

[Approx 6 Mins]

Spree-form-part 2.png

Fill up remainder of form with payment details

[Approx. 3 Minutes]

Shopaholic Current Step 4.png

Wait at least 48 Hours or until Spree closes for Spree Organizers to Verify Payment

Shopaholic curent Step 7.png

Wait for item to be posted to your own home
[2-4 Weeks]

Shopaholic Current Step 8.png
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