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Current Happenings

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Project Progress Summary


To view our Mid-Term Presentation Slides: Click Here!

To view our Product, head down to [alpha.D2T9.com]

Shopaholic just completed Iteration 5 and User Test 2.

Current Fully supported sites for "Tag & Bag" Plugin:

  1. Forever21
  2. Victoria Secret
  3. Foot Shopping
  4. G.A.P
  5. Disney Store
  6. GoJane
  7. River Island

Completed Task as of 7 October 2012:

  • We have conducted User Test 1 with 15 Participants
  • We have conducted User Test 2 with 6 Spree Organisers.
  • Iteration 5 is behind schedule however Iteration 1 - 4 is on planned.
  • Able to launch alpha for Real Users to use our platform.
  • We are confident in completing our requirements, fulfilling our goals and launch our platform by Final.

What is a Spree?

Consolidation of a mass order for an online merchant, usually by an individual who wishes to purchase some items from a particular merchant, and hopes to reduce the cost of shipping by spreading the cost over more items.

Role of Organizer - Open Sprees to take in orders. When Spree is closed, organizer will make purchase from Merchant, and ship items to their address. After which, organizer will repack items and re-distribute to all participants of the spree.

800 × 209px
Eyes.jpgTo view Complete Spree Organizer's Role in a Spree: Click Here!

Role of Participants - Submit orders for a particular merchant in a spree. Make payment to the organizer for items he/she wishes to purchase.

800 × 108px
Eyes.jpgTo view Spree Participants's Role in a Spree: Click Here!

What are We Doing?

We have built a plateform for spree organizers and spree participants to transact.
In this platform, we provide tools that enable Spree Organizers to manage their Sprees easily.
As for the Spree participants, this platform allows them to search and join sprees from their favourite merchant easily.
In addition, we also added a social element to spree-ing, where you can see beautiful items tagged by you and you friends, and spree those items too!

Eyes.jpgTo see how the development of D2T9 unfolded: Click Here!

Our X-Factor - Tag & Bag Plugin

Our plugin aims to make Spree-ing experience seamless. Users will feel as if they are shopping directly at the merchant's site.

Eyes.jpgTo view a short clip showcasing our "Tag & Bag" Function: Click Here!

Project Highlights

  • Picked up Ruby on Rail technologies and used it in our portal.
  • Constant adjustment of Process Flow from user feedbacks, which are necessary improve the spree-ing process.
  • User Test 1 conducted with major changes to 'Tag & Bag' plugin and D2T9 portal interface.
  • User Interface Layout is different from normal sprees webpages.

-Screenshot of portal here-

What unexpected events occurred?

  • Took up longer to learn Ruby on Rails for some members.
  • Major feedback were given during User Test 1 hence there were numerous changes to be made.
  • Major flaw in Process flow for Spree Organizer, causing major delays, which also clashed with Mid-Term exam week, delaying schedule by 1 week.

Project Management

Project Status

Wiki Progress.jpg

Project Progress

Task/ Functionality Status (%) Confident Level Remarks
Tag and Bag Plugin:
  • Information Extraction
100% 1 Nil
  • Error Reporting
0% 0.7 Pushed to Iteration 8
  • Drag and Drop Images from Site
100% 1 Newly added after Acceptance
User Management:
  • Login & Logout
100% 1 Nil
  • Create Account (Participants)
100% 1 Nil
Cart Management:
  • View Items
100% 1 Nil
  • Delete Items
100% 1 Nil
  • Add Items to Spree
100% 1 Nil
  • Calculation of Item Costs
100% 1 Nil
  • Check Out
100% 1 Nil
Organiser User Management:
  • Forget Password
100% 1 Nil
  • Delete Account
100% 1 Nil
  • Update Account Details
100% 1 Nil
  • User Profile
100% 1 Nil
Spree Management:
  • Create Spree
100% 1 Nil
  • Remove Spree
100% 1 Nil
  • Close Spree
100% 1 Nil
  • Filter Ongoing Spree
100% 1 Nil
  • Spree Status
100% 1 Nil
  • Notification of Payment
0% 0.8 Pushed to Iteration 6
User Interface Design:
  • Main Page
100% 1 Nil
  • UI Plugin
100% 1 Nil

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Eyes.jpgClick to know about our detailed Schedule! >> Mid Schedule
Eyes.jpgTo view Plan VS Actual Schedule: Click Here

Schedule Metric

Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = Actual Duration ÷ Planned Duration


Iteration Planned Start Date
Planned End Date
Planned Duration(PD):
Actual Start Date
Actual End Date
Actual Duration(AD):
Duration Difference:
Performance Index
Progress Remarks
1. 19 July 2012 31 July 2012 13 days 19 July 2012 02 August 2012 15 days 2 days 1.15 Used 2 Buffered days
2. 03 August 2012 10 August 2012 8 days 03 August 2012 10 August 2012 8 days - 1 Nil
3. 13 August 2012 24 August 2012 12 days 13 August 2012 26 August 2012 14 days 2 days 1.16 Used 2 Buffered days
4. 27 August 2012 12 September 2012 17 days 27 August 2012 15 September 20 days 3 days 1.17 Used 3 Buffered days
5. 16 September 2012 28 September 2012 13 days 16 September 2012 06 October 20 days 7 days 1.54 Extended 8 days / Behind Progress

Bug Metric

Bug Count Overview.jpg Bug Points Overview.jpg

  Bug Count by Complexity    
Iteration Minor Normal Major Total Bug Count Total Bug Points
1 0 0 0 0 0
2 0 2 0 2 10
3 2 1 1 4 17
4 11 7 1 19 56
5 9 7 0 16 35

Project Risks

Issues we faced during our process.

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategies
Project Management Risk
  • Unable to Complete Task as planned on Iteration 5
High High
  • Extended Iteration for 8 days
  • Adjust Schedule accordingly
  • Reason: Mid Term Exam weeks and heavy workload during the period of time.

External Risk
  • Users would not be able to adopt the new "Tag & Bag" concept
High High
  • Gather feedbacks from user testing to develop the best usability design.
  • Have clear instructions on how to Spree with our portal.

  • Organiser do not want to organise spree in our portal
High High
  • Gather feedbacks from user testing, understanding their concerns
  • Develop marketing strategies to aid in this spree business model.

Technical Complexity

Problem Faced How we Overcome
  • Business Process and Business Requirement Mismatch.
  • Subtleties of Ruby on Rails is hard to grasp on new users.
  • Best practices for HTML5 and CSS3 and SCSS.
  • Compatibility Issue for different browser such as Internet Explorer.

  • Do several research and opt for the most common use of process.
  • Research and constant programming to grasp the foundation.
  • Have to learn and understand the differences and similarities.
  • Have to opt for different options, such as drag and drop for the plugin.

Quality of Product

Quality of product determined through constant user testing.
Our group have been constantly testing with our own test cases and getting real users to test the functions.
This is done so that we are able to get the best outcome to improve the overall user's experience.

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes Eyes.jpg Team Meeting Minutes
Eyes.jpg Supervisor Minutes
Schedule  Eyes.jpg Detailed Schedule
Metrics  Eyes.jpg Schedule Metric
Eyes.jpg Bug Metric
Screenshots Video 
Eyes.jpg Prototype Video
Eyes.jpg Plugin Video
Design Domain Diagram  Eyes.jpg Domain Diagram

User Testing 1  User Testing 1 Link
User Testing 2 User Testing 2 Link

Our Choosen Path Eyes.jpg Our Chosen Path
Use Case Eyes.jpg Use Cases

User Testing 2

Top Critical Problems Number of Occurrences
  • Do not know how to become a Spree Organiser
  • Order Summary is not clear, how much is received, how much need to be refunded and how much pending payment we should received
  • Under categories to select items to spree, users have to uncheck individually.
  • Checkout Price is not being calculated in SGD but USD, calculation error.
  • Participants able to submit empty cells in shipping information which should not be the case.
  • After editing the organiser information, the page is being redirect back to the account which is confusing.
  • Felt frustrating to find a picture URL link
  • Do not know how to create sprees
Eyes.jpgTo view Complete User Testing 2 Click Here!

Side Note: User Testing 2 Actions Taken will be reflected after the Mid Term.

User Testing 1

Top Critical Problems Number of Occurrences Actions Taken
  • Plugin Instructions not clear
  • Video Demonstration of the shopping process is featured on the main page
  • “About Us” will be showing the more detailed steps with picture illustrations

  • Unsure of Tag & Bag button difference
  • Tooltip is added to help the user to differentiate Tag & Bag on our main page.

  • The [+] sign on the plugin overlay is unclear
  • Tooltip is added to help the user know what the [+] sign indicates

  • The left and right button navigating to next item is not obvious
  • The left and right button are moved from the top to the side of the pictures

  • Miss out the choosing of Spree at the bottom of the checkout page
  • The checkout process will be divided to 4 steps:

Finalized item >> Select Spree >> Select Postage Method >> Create order and submit shipping address

  • Position of close button is hard to notice
  • Position of the close button is moved from the bottom of the plugin overlay to the top right corner.

Eyes.jpgTo view Complete User Testing 1 Click Here!

Team Reflection

Issue What we feel

The value of User Testing

User testing provided us alot of valuable feedback, which helped us in many of our design considerations.
Many suggestions given by users were issues that we ourselves failed to consider/see as developers.
We hope to carry out our user test more frequently, to gather feedback to constanly improve our system.

Importance of meetings

Initially, we only had short bi-weekly meetings for short discussion, before work is split.
Afterwards, we realised each of us had our own views of how we want the process to be, which may or may not be the best practice.
Hence, meeting more often, and actually sitting together to discuss and work together proved to be more effective and efficient.
We will adopt this way of doing things for the rest of the project.