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Current Happenings

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Project Progress Summary

To view our Final Presentation Slides: Click Here!

To view our Product, head down to [D2T9]

Progress since mid-term

  • Spree Management
    • Payment Verification
  • Credit Management System
    • Add Credut
    • Remove Credit
    • Adjust Credit
  • Social Integration
    • Login Through Facebook
    • Sharing of 'Tagged' Items on Facebook
    • Embed Links for Advertising Sprees

Project Highlights

After seeking advice from our mentor, we made strategic changes crucial for the success of the launch of our portal.
There was a shift in focus in the direction of our project:

  1. We will not handle credits on launch
  2. Focus on getting core function out first, which is our minimum viable product (MVP)
  3. Priority is on gaining organic traffic through social media sharing

Project Challenges

No Framework to Follow

Currently, there is not defined framework in the Spree industry.
In order to redefine the spree buying experience, we have to define our own framework that is intuitive for users.

No Client to Give Direction

As we do not have a client to give us direction in our devleopment, we had to make these crucial decisions.
Through user test, we get our feedbacks from real users, which shapes our development.
Essentially, our portal is designed by users, for users.

Complex Logic involve in Spree Management

Handling Sprees is not as easy as it seems to be.
Complex calculation pertaining to adjustments to credit is involved:

  1. Top-Ups
  2. Discounts
  3. Refunds

The complexity can be seen here >>
Our backend logic had to be powerful enough to handle the calcuation, to make managing Sprees easy for Spree Organizers.

Project Achievements

Tag & Bag Plugins [X-Factor]

We were successfully able to create a framework which allowed us to adopt a new merchant site confidently within 24 hours.

Spree Management Tools

We were able to develop our system to carry out the complex calculations for adjustments for both:

  1. Line Items
  2. Each Individual Orders

Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Provide a comparison of the plan and actual schedule. Has the project scope expanded or reduced? You can use the table below or your own gantt charts. After meeting with our mentor, we adjusted our schedule due to the following reasons:

  • Ensure Minimum Viable Product(MVP) is working perfectly for launch. The fuctions are:
    • 'Tag & Bag' Plugin
    • Spree Management Tools for Spree Organizer
    • Smooth Checkout Process for Spree Participants
  • Push for Social Element to be up for Launch to gain organic traffic to Site.
  • Shelf ESCROW Service till later. Get users to use portal, and gain trust from users first.

To view Detailed Schedule from after mid-term! : Eyes.jpg Click Here!

To view Plan VS Actual Schedule : Eyes.jpg Click Here!

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Project Status


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Project Progress

Task/ Functionality Status (%) Confident Level Remarks
Credit Management:
  • View Credit Balance
100% 1 Nil
  • Add Credit
100% 1 Nil
  • Remove Credit
100% 1 Nil
  • Extract Credit
100% 1 Nil
User Management:
  • Ratings
0% 1 Drop Functionality - for FYP, but will be developed for future development
Spree Management:
  • Payment Verification
100% 1 Nil
  • Back-End Logic Component
100% 1 Nil
Social Integration
  • Login Through Facebook
100% 1 Nil
  • Sharing of Favorites through Facebook
100% 1 Nil
  • Embedding Widgets
100% 1 Nil
Backend Admin Functions
  • Audit Trail (Log)
100% 1 Nil
Tag and Bag Framework (Plugin)
  • Error Reporting
100% 1 Nil
Backend Issues
  • Ability Functions
100% 1 Nil
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Schedule Metric

Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = Actual Duration ÷ Planned Duration


Iteration Planned Start Date
Planned End Date
Planned Duration(PD):
Actual Start Date
Actual End Date
Actual Duration(AD):
Duration Difference:
Performance Index
Progress Remarks
6. 15 Oct 2012 2 Nov 2012 19 days 15 Oct 2012 3 Nov 2012 20 days 1 day 1.05 Used 1 Buffered day
7. 5 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012 12 days 5 Nov 2012 17 Nov 2012 13 days 1 day 1.05 Used 1 Buffered day
8. 18 Nov 2012 29 Nov 2012 12 days 18 Nov 2012 29 Nov 2012 12 days - 1 Nil

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Bug Metric

Bug Count Overview Final.jpg Bug Points Overview Final.jpg

  Bug Count by Complexity    
Iteration Minor Normal Major Total Bug Count Total Bug Points
6 15 6 0 21 45
7 3 2 0 5 13
8 19 5 0 24 44
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Project Risks

Issues we faced during since Mid Terms

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategies
Project Management Risk
  • Unable to complete Social Integration and Credit Management
Medium High
  • Reviewing of Current Project Progress
  • Adjusting of Schedule accordingly

External Risk
  • Organisers do not welcome the Embedded Widgets
Medium Low
  • Gather feedbacks from user testing, understanding their concerns
  • Develop marketing strategies to aid in this spree business model.

  • Unable to match appropriate time to do User Testing for Organisers
High High
  • Constant contacting of different organisers to look for suitable appropriate time to do User Testing

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Quality of Product

The robustness of our Plugin is illustrated here: Eyes.jpg Click Here!

The flexibility of our system to handle payment adjustments for top-ups, refunds, discounts for both line items and individual orders is illustrated here: Eyes.jpg Click Here!

Overall quality of portal and Plugin is determined through constant user testing.
Our group have been constantly testing with our own test cases and getting real users to test the functions.
This is done so that we are able to get the best outcome to improve the overall user's experience.

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Technical Complexity

For Complexities of our "Tag & Bag" Plugin Eyes.jpg Click Here

For Complexities of our Payment Adjustments Eyes.jpg Click Here

Problem Faced How we Overcome
  • Business Process and Business Requirement Mismatch.
  • Do several research and opt for the most common use of process.
  • Designing Business Model to ease the Organiser in Spree and Credit Management
  • Researching and constant reviewing our Business Model to ensure Organiser would handle Spree and Credit Management in an ease. Additionally, through User Testing to obtain feedbacks.
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User Testing

S/No. Testing Details Feedbacks
User Test 3

16 Nov 2012

  • Testing on Transaction process
  • Functions tested:
    • Payment
    • Refunding
    • Topup


  • Organisers started from a brand new spree page without any created sprees
  • Participants started after organisers created a spree.
  • Organisers and participants are given different set of user testing scenarios to follow.
    • They are not restricted to any item category selection.


  • Total 5 Users
    • 3 are Spree Organisers
    • 2 are Spree Participants


  • Where?
    • SMU SOE Group Study Room 2-6
  • When?
    • 16 Nov 2012, Friday
  • Duration?
    • The length of testing for each user is approximately 30mins


  • 3 sprees were created with Forever21.
  • Each participant bought around 2~5 items in 5~10 chosen item categories

Spree Organisers

  • Need to have a function for refund/topup as a full order(refunding by order not by item)

  • User is able to pay negative amount.

  • Transactions view is confusing, differ from the normal status stated at the bottom. Hence users do not know whether exactly he/she received the payment from the participants.

  • Removed button should be remove when there will be no changes.

Spree Participants

  • Once the spree is created, Spree “REMAINING” status is misleading. Do not know whether is just remaining time or the remaining amount?

  • My Orders Page, once I create payment, Outstanding is ‘payment received?’

For details on our user tests conducted, refer the the following links for more details:

Eyes.jpg User Tests

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Architecture and Deployment

For Architecture Diagram Eyes.jpg Click Here


Deployment have been done constantly before each Iteration end to constantly prepare for functional testing.

Current Status of Deployment:

  • Alpha Stage under Staging
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Final Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes Eyes.jpg Team Meeting Minutes
Eyes.jpg Supervisor Minutes
Schedule  Eyes.jpg Detailed Schedule
Metrics  Eyes.jpg Schedule Metric
Eyes.jpg Bug Metric
Screenshots Video 
Eyes.jpg Prototype Video
Eyes.jpg Plugin Video

Domain Diagram Eyes.jpg Domain Diagram
Architecture Diagram Eyes.jpg Architecture Diagram
Used Tools Eyes.jpg Tools Used

User Testing 1  Eyes.jpg User Test 1
User Testing 2 Eyes.jpg User Test 2
User Testing 3 Eyes.jpg User Test 3

Our Choosen Path Eyes.jpg Our Chosen Path
Usecase Eyes.jpg Use Cases
Tag and Bag Plugin Eyes.jpg Tag and Bag Plugin
Portal Design Eyes.jpg Portal
Poster and Pitch

Poster Eyes.jpg Poster
Pitch Eyes.jpg Pitch
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Team Reflections

We started this project with the intention of helping to improve the current spree industry. 
Throughout these few months, we picked up many valuable tips on how to conduct our user test to get valuable feedback we need in order to make our portal intuitive for users.

Also, our Mentor shared his experience with us, and gave us really useful advice on how to launch our portal.
With all the guidance we received, we really hope that the launch of D2T9 would be successful!

Individual Reflections

Jasmine Chew Zou Mei Lau Shu Neng

Shopaholic Jas.jpg

Shopaholic ZM.jpg

Shopaholic Shu.jpg

Project Manager Secretary Business Development Executive

It was tough trying to balance the schedule, and new ideas that pop out along the way.
Although there were many brilliant ideas that pop up along the way, the role of a PM is to manage the schedule, and prioritize the core functionalities to be completed by the end of this module.

Not having a mentor was rather tough in our decision making process.
Our groups had many "arguments" on what is the best way to do things.
It was essential that someone in the group had to step in as a neutral party at times, to mitigate the problem, by finding a solution that was agreeable by all parties.

Having experience in conducting and participating in Sprees gave me a good advantage in knowing the problem domain well.
However, throughout this project, i have come to realise that what may seem like a common practise in the current industry, is not always the best way to do things.
We manage to find flaws and inefficiencies in the process, which came out with ways to hopefully improve the spree-ing process for everyone.

Ryan Lim Wen Rong Ong Zhen Guang Yong Qian Hwee

Shopaholic Ryan.jpg

Shopaholic ZG.jpg

Shopaholic Qian.jpg

Developer Developer UX Director

Due to lack of experience in Spree, it was difficult to fully understand the needs of the spree organizer and spree participants.
There are gaps between what the developer and the spree organizer and spree participants wants.
Hence, communication between the developer, and people who are familiar with the spree process is essential, in order to fully understand what users require.

As much as we hope to ease the workload of spree organizers and spree participants as much as possible, we are faced with legal limitations that we have to adhere to.
We were unable to crawl merchant sites to get certain infomation that could help us eliminate some process.
We learnt that some business process cannot be totally revamped, and we had to find ways to work around it.

With help from our supervisor, and much research, i have learnt alot on the importance of designing the site to be easily usable by people.
Though it may sound easy, it was in fact a long and arduous process in getting the best design that was easy for people to use and understand through collecting feedback from many user testing.
One had to find a good balance between simplifying the content, yet showing all the essential infomation that people would need and having a site with great aesthetics to attract people.