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Learning Outcomes

S/N Lessons Description Expected Outcomes Measurement Method
1. IT architecture, design and development skills
System requirements specification skills
  1. Propose functional and non-functional requirements
  2. Prioritizing requirements
  3. Propose the infrastructure and applications needed to complete this project
  • Team Review
  • Feedback from Sponsors, Supervisor & Reviewers
Implementation skills
  1. Learning ASP.net MVC and Android SDK
  2. Perform Integration, Testing and Deployment Testing
  3. Improving by gathering feedback
  • Team Review
  • Feedback from Sponsors, Supervisor, Reviewers & Users
  • Bug Metric

2. Project Management skills
Scope Management Skills
  1. Select features from a list of requirements given by sponsors
  2. Suggest features to sponsors that would improve the game
  3. Manage changes to requirements
  4. Allocate time and resources for unexpected events
  • Team Review
  • Feedback from Supervisor & Reviewers
  • Schedule Metric
Risk Management Skills
  1. Define risks and mitigation strategy
  2. Monitor risks
  3. Execute mitigation strategy where necessary
  • Risks Mitigation Strategy
Project Integration and Time Management Skills
  1. Propose the schedule for project
  2. Create and track a schedule metric
  • Schedule Metric
Quality management skills
  1. Develop Test Cases for UAT and Evaluate Feedback
  • Feedback from Sponsors, Supervisor, Reviewers
  • Feedback and Results from User Testings
  • Bug Metric
3. Learn to Learn skills
Search Skills
  1. Look at developer forums for Android SDK, Facebook and ASP.net MVC
  • Team Review
4. Collaboration (or team) Skills
Skills to improve the effectiveness of group processes and work products
  1. Effective communication among all members
  2. Peer Appraisals
  • Team Review

5. Communication skills
Presentation Skills
  1. Presentations for Acceptance, Midterm, Final, Poster Day
  2. Presentations during meetings with Sponsors & Supervisor
  3. Presentation to users during User Testing
  • Feedback from Sponsors, Supervisor & Reviewers
  • Feedback from Team Members
Writing Skills
  1. Documentation for Project : Project Proposal, Wiki & User Manuals
  • Feedback from Sponsors, Supervisor & Reviewers