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Project Description

Team SGpathfinders will be enhancing Singpath.com, an existing web-based code-learning game, to include new, improved and analytics-based functions. The proposed components will include Tournament Management, Sponsorship Management, Player Performance Reporting and Intelligent Gameplay. These enhancements will be data-driven in 2 ways:

  1. through the incremental development of these functions through continuous deployment and analytics-based experiments to maximise business value for our clients.
  2. through leveraging on historical SingPath player and question data to deliver descriptive, decisional and predictive analytics to SingPath users.
The deliverable will be an improved SingPath.com website with the 5 functions mentioned above which will be going live.
Reviewers & Guest
For more information on our project, View |Project Overview or our:

Summary Of the FYP Process

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Project Status Reporting

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  • Current Phase: Iteration 13
  • Completion of Phase: 22nd- 28th November 2012
  • Upcoming Key Milestones: Final Presentation 3rd December
  • Iteration 13
    • Player Summary Reporting
    • Final Wikipedia
    • Final Presentation Slides

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