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What's so good about our project?

Our team wants to create an online project management and collaboration tool that will allows students to store and share files, create updates, set team agendas, milestones and deadlines, create and allocate tasks for other members, keep track of individual and team schedule, communicate with team members, and measure accountability all on one main platform.

For more detailed information, please take a look at our Project Overview !

You can also acccess our website via this link

Week 15

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29 Nov 2012 (Thursday)

Wiki/Project Submission

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29 Nov 2012 (Thursday)

Finals Presentation

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7 Dec 2012 (Friday)

Poster Day

Iteration : 13 / 13

MidTerm.jpg Mid-Term Wiki!

Pro-cept Final1.jpg Final-Term Wiki!

Pro-cept poster.jpg Poster/Pitch Video!

Project Overview

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