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Project Status Overview

Scope Status Confidence Level
Environment Setup Completed
Human Resource Completed
Call Reports Completed
Outstanding Deficiencies Completed
Client Base Completed
Advisory Suitability Checks Completed
Quality Completed
Admin Release Scorecard Completed
Admin View Uploaded Files Completed
Access Control Menu for Filter Completed
Excel Upload Completed 1
Comments Completed 1
Workflow Completed 1
Portlet's detailed view and Account numbers Completed 1
Quarterly Targets Indicators Completed 1
Compensation Scorecard (New!) Completed 1
Revoke Scorecard (New!) Completed 1
Truncate long Quarterly remarks (New!) Completed 1

Timeline overview




Project Schedule (Plan VS Actual)

Planned Actual
Sprint Task Start End Start End Comment
4 - Starts 16 July 2012 Setting up of Environment on our laptops 16/7/12 25/7/12 18/7/12 29/7/12 We started the setting up of the environment 2 days late, had to get security clearance from Head of Security to extract the necessary files (Liferay, Eclipse, necessary plugins and configurations(Maven and Jboss, Java 1.5 and IE 8) from USB ports. USB ports are all disabled in the bank. It took us 4 days longer than expected to learn and familiarize ourselves with Client's development environment
Setting up of Databases and defining Database structure 27/7/12 31/7/12 27/7/12 03/8/12 -
5 - Starts 30 July 2012 Develop Human Resource UI 30/7/12 02/8/12 30/7/12 05/8/12 Took 3 days longer than planned, had to self learn how to display outputs on Liferay - This is the first time the team is exposed to the Liferay technology that we are utilizing. Learning curve is steep. Necessary to figure out the creation of rows and columns. Had to meet the 6th August deadline as we had a pre-project acceptance meeting scheduled with Prof Ben Gan.
Develop Call Report UI 31/7/12 03/8/12 05/8/12 05/8/12 Started on this portlet 5 days late, due to the delay in understanding how to display outputs on Liferay (Human Resource UI) Completed this portlet on the same day we started
Develop Human Resource Logic 30/7/12 02/8/12 30/7/12 05/8/12 Took 3 days longer than planned, had to research on Java Persistence API (JPA) and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). These are new technologies to us, having to learn the liferay framework from scratch, do self testing. It is also necessary that a good overview and understanding of the system is clarified, where the data will be pulled from and how to form the Queries necessary. Was stuck and unable to display data dynamically from DB to Liferay (Highlighted to supervisor)
Develop Call Report Logic 31/7/12 03/8/12 05/8/12 05/8/12 Still familarizing ourselves with JPA and EJB and the Liferay framework used in Human Resource portlet. we have also identified which database it would be pulling data from and displayed. Requirements gathered were clear. As above we were unable to display data dynamically (We eventually solved this issue 2 days later)
Creation of Entity Classes with getters and setters 30/7/12 03/8/12 30/7/12 03/8/12 -
Mapping of Staging DB and Data Cache 30/7/12 03/8/12 30/7/12 03/8/12 -
Develop Quality UI 14/08/12 17/08/12 14/08/12 19/08/12 Completed Quality portlet 2 days late.Quality portlet requires the use of tab views on the front end. This is the first time we are implementing this on Liferay. Not used in Human Resource or Call Reports portlet. Under-estimated the complexity of task and over-estimated the capability of tasked resource
Develop Advisory Excellence Suitability checks UI 18/08/12 20/08/12 18/08/12 20/08/12 -
6 - Starts 21 August 2012 Develop Outstanding Deficiencies UI 21/08/12 22/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 Function was completed on the same day it started
Develop Client Base UI 22/08/12 23/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 Function was completed on the same day that Outstanding Deficiencies UI started.
Develop Excel upload UI 23/08/12 26/08/12 23/08/12 26/08/12 More time was allocated to the development of the Excel upload interface (Task complexity high)
Develop CSV validation 22/08/12 05/09/12 22/08/12 07/09/12 2 Days late - The conversion from SQL to JPA queries took a while as we had to do some reading up (Yan Xin)
Develop CSV re-upload with audit trail 23/08/12 09/09/12 24/08/12 09/09/12 Had some issues with the last portion of re-upload of excel files with audit trail (weng)
7 - Starts 10 September 2012 Quarterly Remarks - Truncate and read more 10/09/12 11/09/12 10/09/12 11/09/12 Weng
Create Administrator (View Uploaded Excel Files) UI - - 12/09/12 12/09/12 Weng
Create Administrator function to (Release Scorecard / Revoke Scorecard) UI - - 12/09/12 14/09/12 Weng
Revise Logic for Human Resource 10/09/12 12/09/12 10/09/12 12/09/12 An
Revise Logic for Call Report 13/09/12 14/09/12 13/09/12 14/09/12 An
Create Logic for Quality 15/09/12 19/09/12 15/09/12 19/09/12 An
Create Logic for Advisory 20/09/12 21/09/12 20/09/12 21/09/12 An
Integration of 6 portlets UI onto Clients environment 18/09/12 18/09/12 18/09/12 18/09/12 Integration of 6 portlets onto Clients environment
8 - Starts 24 September 2012 Create Logic for Outstanding 24/09/12 26/09/12 24/09/12 28/09/12 2 days longer. An's computer crashed, did not save files
Create Logic for Client Base 26/09/12 30/09/12 26/09/12 30/09/12
Create Access Control Menu for Filter (Select EAM, Select RM, Select Quarter, Refresh) 28/09/12 30/09/12 28/09/12 01/10/12 The integration of Access Control Menu onto client's environment was more complex than expected.We realised we had to code this function on Client's environment,we had no access to the office on Sunday (30/09/12) thus this function was delayed by a day
9 - Starts 08 October 2012 (Recess Week) Quarterly Targets Logic (display of trend indicators) 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 Wengs (action item)
Portlet's detailed view of accounts and percentages 08/10/12 10/10/12 08/10/12 10/10/12 Wengs(action item)
Complete Excel Upload Function 11/10/12 11/10/12 11/10/12 11/10/12 Wengs(action item)
Compensation Scorecard UI 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 Muar (action item)
Comments (Quarterly,Compensation Scorecard UI) 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 08/10/12 Muar (action item)
Compensation Scorecard Logic 09/10/12 09/10/12 09/10/12 09/10/12 Muar (action item)
Comments (Compensation Scorecard logic) 09/10/12 11/10/12 09/10/12 11/10/12 Muar (action item)
Comments (Quarterly logic) 11/10/12 12/10/12 11/10/12 12/10/12 Muar (action item)
Workflow Status Logic 13/10/12 14/10/12 13/10/12 14/10/12 Muar (action item)
Admin - View Scorecard submission status (submitted or pending submission) 12/10/12 14/10/12 12/10/12 14/10/12 Wengs (action item)
Alerts for SC submission dateline 16/10/12 19/10/12 16/10/12 19/10/12 Muar(action item)
Integrating with IAFS for generation 20/10/12 21/10/12 20/10/12 21/10/12 Weng
Data Dispute handling and viewing (Integration with SC)- Link Data Disputes 21/10/12 22/10/12 21/10/12 22/10/12 Weng
Persisting new Compensation Submission details and into DB 23/10/12 24/10/12 23/10/12 24/10/12 Weng
Pop-ups 23/10/12 24/10/12 23/10/12 24/10/12 An
Split DB into 2 as well as duplicating the generation for HK & SG 23/10/12 24/10/12 23/10/12 24/10/12 Weng - we were notified that we had to split up HK and SG databases. The reason for this is because during during an Audit process, we do not want auditors to be confused with HK data thus the request for a clear distinction.
Admin portlet - data dispute owners (New function) 25/10/12 28/10/12 25/10/12 28/10/12 Weng - background: this functionality came in only on the 25th October, it was a requirement for us to go live. reason being, if we allow the SC to go live without this feature and if there are changes, admins have to go through the tedious process of applying for change request forms and a huge amounts of paper processes which will affect the usability.
Admin portlet - edit targets 25/10/12 28/10/12 25/10/12 28/10/12 Weng - background: targets are modified only on an exceptional basis, ie not frequent. The initial agreement was to allow administrators to modify the targets directly on the DB level, however, we noticed similarities in terms of design for "edit targets and data dispute owners" thus we implemented edit targets on a UI level.

Development has all been completed. Completed all functionalities agreed with Client and SMU Focusing on SIT / UAT production ready state and product going live