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The Five Wonders




Roles & Responsibilities
  • Lead and manage project team
  • Develop and maintain a detailed project plan and schedule metric
  • Ensure that the team adheres to project
  • Oversees project development and documentations
  • Liaison with project supervisor and client on team’s progress
  • Manage conflicts within the team , as well as facilitate team’s meetings


  • Works with Project Manager in defining the development requirements and priorities
  • Lead overall technology development
  • Assign technical tasks to team members
  • Ensure code conventions and quality of deliverables
  • Performs code integration between application and database
  • Performs debugging


  • Design and plan storyboard
  • Conduct and manage feedbacks from Heuristics Evaluation, and make the necessary changes
  • In-charge of the overall design and layout of the Wiki Page and team’s web application
  • Optimizes usability and responsible for the quality of deliverables
  • In-charge of all design related materials (Team’s Logo, Poster)


  • Prepare detailed technical diagrams (Use case, Class Diagrams) based on the project requirements and functions to assist the development team
  • Develop test cases for each functionalities
  • Performs internal testing of all functionalities
  • Conduct and manage feedbacks from User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Manage and updates the team’s Wiki Page


  • Understand and analyze the business requirements set by the Client and translate them into software requirements
  • Oversees and define the change of management issues and risks by developing recommendations and mitigation strategies
  • Assist lead developer in meeting the project requirements
  • Responsible for updating technical related documentation logs (Bug Metric)
  • Performs debugging