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Summary Overview

Since 14 May 2012, our team has progressed steadily through 6 iterations.

In the 5th Iteration, we faced a major obstacle, which is the LinkedIn authentication and the data extraction from LinkedIn. Despite attempting to implement the function in both Iteration 1 and 5, we were only able to login and retrieve basic user profile information which does not meet the team’s ideal expectation, for example, user’s work experience, education etc. After consulting both our client and supervisor on this issue, and taking into consideration the little impact which the function would bring to our application, we decided to drop this function.

From acceptance till date, we had completed 70% of our core functionality. The remaining core functionalities are collaborative review and search functions.

During the past 4 months, our team accomplished the following:

  • Picked up Play Framework, 2.0, a Java and Scala web application framework, for the development of our application.
  • Designed and blueprint the workflow of our application.
  • Conducted Heuristic Evaluation with a total of 20 testers.
  • Implemented all necessary changes based on feedbacks gathered from Heuristic Evaluation. Changes involved front-end, back-end and the workflows of our web application.
  • Conducted User Test 1 with a total of 60 testers.
  • Perform revamping of the interface of our web application and other changes based on the feedbacks from User Test 1.
  • Completed a deployed version of our application with 70% of the core functionalities completed.

Our team is confident of completing the project by Finals.