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Heuristic Evaluation



Description Improvement
Missing fields in forms. Eg. Nationality, Postal Code etc. Implemented more concise forms with relevant fields.
Job Interest section too messy. Changed to 3 dropdown list (limit to 3 selections)
No validation for error prevention Implemented Client-Side validation
Naming conventions too confusing Standardized naming conventions & buttons
Mandatory fields not indicated clearly Mandatory fields indicated with *
User not informed of special features' existence Provided tooltips on hover
Navigation is a little confusing & sometimes the app redirects user to wrong pages Resolved all wrong redirections & followed a more concise navigation plan
Allow users to rename the section headings while creating resume Implemented textfields for users to change section headings
User is not sure of what to input for each fields in the forms. Eg. Job Post, what does position mean? Implemented placeholders for each fields as much as possible

Not Implemented due to scope constraints
Allow users to add new fields in each section while creating resume
Not really a UI issue but what happens when user submits the wrong resume/cover letter when they apply for job?
Provide users with a few templates to choose from while creating resume or cover letter
Provide help or tutorial videos for first time users

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