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In actual fact, from Iteration 0 – 3, the team managed to accomplish the planned tasks within the estimated duration allocated for each iteration.
In Iteration 4, the team took 2 days longer than the expected planned duration due to the delay in implementing all amendments gathered from Acceptance’s feedback. Although the implementation of amendments caused a delay but it is beneficial for the project in the long run, as we can ensure that all changes suggested by our stakeholders (Clients & Supervisor) have been met.
In Iteration 5, the team took 3 days longer as the team discovered that the scope of the project was too broad. This is largely attributed to the fact that we need to amend changes upon User Testing and also to implement new functions in every iteration. Hence, the team decided to prioritise the tasks by implementing the most important function – collaborative reviews to bridge the gap as well as improve the communication between the Hiring department and HR Manager directly after Mid-term presentation.
So far, the schedule metric for each individual iteration had served the team well as it gave us a better visual representation on the planned versus actual duration taken to implement each function. This also allowed us to better estimate the duration required for similar functions in the future iterations. In addition, PM is able to revise the project schedule more clearly at the end of each iteration.

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