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Project Highlights

Project Highlights

These are some of the events highlight which takes place after Acceptance till now.

No. Area of Concern Major Event
1 Heuristic Evaluation Major changes in user interface after Heuristic Evaluation:
User interface was redesigned to standardized all buttons and layout.
2 User Testing 1 Major changes made to data validation:
Changed as many server-side validations to client-side validation.
3 Project Management Implementation of changes from User Test 1 in Iteration 5 took longer than we expected:
Due to major changes made to both the back-end and front-end codes, our team completed all amendments 4 days after the scheduled deadline.
4 Drop Functionality LinkedIn Login and data extraction was removed in Iteration 5:
Despite attempting to implement this function in both Iteration 1 and 5, due to complexity of the function, we were unable to deliver successfully, so our team negotiated with our client/supervisor and came to the conclusion to drop the function.
5 Change in Functionalities Tagging and filtering function in Iteration 5 was changed to basic ‘Search’ function which will be implemented after mid-terms:
Taking the time constraint into consideration, after the requirement gathering session with our client in Iteration 5, the change in functionality was confirmed.